Date: 5/6/2006


An Indian minister can announce an award for beheading some cartoonists in Denmark. Why has no one announced an award for beheading Dawood Ibrahim? /////// =============/////// A very good question that we ALL should be asking.////// HOW THE BRITISH LION REACTED. (We know how the American Lion reacted.)////// The NRI'S ought to observe and notice what is going on around them in the West. Only in the last couple of days I saw something eye catching.////// 1. Firstly the role of films. None of us is ignorant of the dozens of films that came out after World War 2, both official, commercial and documentaries. The appetite of the West for KNOWLEDGE and DETAIL is insatiable. //////// Now look at India. After Partition the film industry went into overdrive with romance, song and dance to entertain the coolie nation. There were Prithvi Raj with his Mogul-i-Azam and Nargis, Mohammed Rafi, and Gita Bali to enrapture us all and take our minds away from the grieving widows and crying orphans who numbered millions but did not catch anyone's eye./////// On Thursday last (4 May 2006) Channel 4 TV showed a film over two hours about the Muslim rioters in BRADFORD in North England. The film showed full coverage of violence and later the police knocked on every door and made arrests of those who were caught on CCTV hitting a policeman or throwing stones, bricks and petrol bombs. //////// The film showed the police putting up posters with photos of all those WANTED, in the mosque while the Imam was doing Namaz with worshippers. None objected to the entry of a policeman at the time of Prayer. All looked sheepish. /////// Later the Imam had the miscreant recite some Kalma that commands the Muslims to behave and to repent. In the end one of them is sent to jail. We see him going mad with rage and frustration and then in a mad fit breaking furniture and things and hurling them on floor. A wretched end was meant to serve as a warning to all other Jihadis. //////// Here the film did what NONE dares do in Bharat. It showed the rotting miserable end to a Jihadi. Similarly a Jihadi will rot in jail in America for ALL HIS LIFE and will be put in a dark dungeon where he will never see the sun again. I recall how Indira made sure that every Pakistani prisoner of war was served halal and given a copy of Koran to deepen his Faith in his Rasul Allah. Indian PsOW on the other hand were beaten and bruised and starved and abused "KAFIR DOGS". The Khans of Bollywood have nothing to do with them.//////// 2. Today a Muslim is appearing in Court in London on the charge of inciting murder. Several weeks ago he was seen carrying a poster with the words KILL THOSE WHO INSULT THE PROPHET. /////// The word "KILL" on his poster fell foul of English Law and he is at Court surrounded by policemen at the time of writing. /////// 3. In the municipal elections in England a new Party has made a good showing. It is BNP ( //////// It is the TERROR of Islam. It openly calls Islam an EVIL AND VICIOUS RELIGION. The government desperately wants to ban it but the PEOPLE are behind it and will STAND UP to defend their right to free speech. /////// To me it appears that when the ship Britain registers a tilt, a COUNTER FORCE appears to balance it on keel. That is how Ship UK sails on with the word UNITED in its title. Don't we wish we had the counterpart of BNP in our PRE PARTITION PUNJAB, PRE PARTITION BENGAL AND PRE PARTITION KASHMIR? /////// But alas, DESPITE PARTITION OF INDIA there is still no sign of any political party appearing in Bharat who could declare, "NO NON-HINDU TO BE PRESIDENT AND NO NON NATIVE TO BE FIRST LADY OF BHARAT!" //////// I am afraid any PATRIOT saying this in public will be in jail in no time like the MUSLIM JIHADI now in jail on the charge of carrying that poster in public./////// Nehru made sure that his Constitution was written by a servile Buddhist that will ensure that the Hindu remains a cripple on his own soil if not extinct as in North Kashmir and beaten up as in South Kashmir./////// While the masses are passive, it is for the LEADERS of parties like BJP, VHP, RSS, SHIV SENA and BAJRANG DAL and so on, even AKALI DAL, to be brave to EXPOSE the TREACHERY that is the RULING & FOOLING "AXIS POWERS" (Congress: "Italy, Islam and the ignorant subservient Hindu") holding the nation's destiny to ransom./////// 000000000/