Date: 4/25/2006

Comment writes: /////// Karyam sadhayami va deham patyami means do or die is the essence of Bhagwa Dhwaj for the country and Dharma , this is the final battle and we must win against Congress Party Of India, communist Party Of India, Muslim Legue , Secularists / pesudo secularists, foreign hands, opportunists and traitors to make India officially Hindusthan a Hindu Rashtra and kick out foreign Christian missionaries and all illegal immigrants including over Twenty to Twenty five Million muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan, /////// Afaghanistanand Middle East countries and close all routes for Pakistan and Bangladesh with India to survive as Hindu Bharat. Jaya Hind Vande Bharat Mataram.Long Live Bhgwa Dhwaj. ////// =================////// // A timely call.////// This is really a must for a HINDU country that is now MINUS Lahore and East Bengal that were removed by bloody surgical operation by Rasul Allah (our INDIAN MUSLIMS) in 1947. ////// The present flag is a FRAUD on the enslaved nation. Nehru ordered NO change of flag for post partition India. ////// He imposed the SAME flag of his Party with just one slight change upon the whole nation. The Charkha was replaced by 3 Ashoka Lions. Anything to show Hindu character of the country was vehemently REJECTED by him outright. He made congress party and Bharat look the SAME. Later his daughter Indira cried "INDIRA IS INDIA" to fool the brainwashed intimidated nation. She was in fact the core ENEMY of India and the Hindus. ////// "MUSLIM flags are welcome on either side of Bharat but NOT any flag with Hindu symbol on it," declared Nehru.////// His wish was his COMMAND. For the new Constitution he rejected all the renowned Hindu scholars but chose a BUDDHIST Dalit as if to "teach the Hindus a lesson". ////// The present flag smells of Hindu SLAVERY in Bharat. The "mongrel" tricolour is disgusting and unacceptable to all the proud and patriotic Indians. /////// If the UK can have THREE CROSSES (St George, St Andrews and St Patrick) on her flag, the flag of Hindusthan can have Trishul or Trishul and Khanda Chakra together. Nothing wrong in UNITING the Hindu family in this way on our own TERRITORY. ////// ==============================================///// 2.////// COPIED FROM A HINDU DISCUSSION LIST:///// ////// CRIED A "WOUNDED" HINDU IN HINDUSTAN, SEEING THIS PICTURE OF HIS PRESIDENT. ////// "Wish we had a (Hindu) MAN instead of a (Muslim) midget," he sighed.////// "Wish we had even one Hindu with this guy's qualifications and perceived patriotism. ALAS, there is NONE."////// "Wish he could deploy his armed forces to recapture North Kashmir instead of attacking Golden Temple and threatening the "karsewaks" trying to reconstruct the Temple in Ayodhya." /////// "Wish we we had a committed HINDU with conviction of pure Indian pedigree instead of the one whose cousins left for Pakistan in 1947, whose nuclear secrets are already with Ayub Khan of Pakistan."/////// "We wish we could also see the First Lady of Hindustan standing shoulder to shoulder with the President of India like the First Lady of the United States seen in the photo." /////// We wish our Presdient was more than a signature on worthless paper unlike theirs who is a Man of Action not only at home but also in Afghanistan and Iraq." /////// We wish the man at the head of Hindustan could enter a temple with conviction like theirs who goes to church with pride without apology to his secular constitution and Senate." /////// "We wish the sight of armed Hindu soldiers in uniform could give him joy like the sight of American soldiers to George W Bush." /////// "We wish the world could see a Hindu leading and guiding a Hindu nation but not a MUSALMAN. At the top of Indian pyramid the world sees a MUSLIM, A CATHOLIC FROM ITALY AND A SECULAR SIKH. Where are the Hindus?" (They are deep underground where they were in 1947 when India surrendered FIVE provinces on one day.) /////// "The world is better infromed about the Indian Muslims who in 1947 all became "Beiman, Shaitan HAIWAN" and sliced off one third of India to create Pakistan. The Pakistani "rats" now require the SIKHS to apply for visa to visit Lahore."/////// "The photo below (with NO Hindu to be seen at the top in Hindustan) is as much demoralising to the Hindus as disgusting to the Americnas and the rest of the world."/////// When George W Bush extended his hand to Abdul Kalam for the handshake, he quietly whispered to himself, "all in line of duty I shake hands with this Mohammedan Moron in Hindustan." /////// "Could we not do something to redeem the honour of Hindusthan and her NATIVE Religions and Faiths where the Sikhs may also feel like living?"/////// "Will Abdul Kalam guarantee security to the Hindus in South Kashmir? NO."////// "Will he recover Aksai Chin? NO." //////// "Will he send a Hindu ambassador to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia?NO." ////// "Will be put LAHORE in the map of India again? NO."////// "Will he swear by his mother's milk, "I don't accept that bogus partition."? NO."/////// "Will he rescue our man from Union Territory and put him in PATIALA to rule his State from there? NO."////// "Will he encourage his vast Hindu MAJORITY community of slaves and subjects by declaring, "I AM A HINDU."? O NO."/////// "Will he suggest native names for Ahmedabad, Aurangabad, Faizabad, Allahabad that remind us of our most degrading and humiliating slavery under the Islamic savages who beheaded our Gurus, killed our children, raped our girls and destroyed our places of worship, taking away our three rivers, too, at the time of parting? NO." /////// "Is he part of some DECEPTION & TREACHERY that is ISLAM? YES."/////// -//////000000000 /////// ==============