Date: 4/25/2006


IT IS HIGH TIME THE PEOPLE OF EAST PUNJAB ESTABLISHED THEIR OWN AIRLINE LIKE THOSE IN EAST BENGAL (NOW BANGLADESH). /////// THE EAST BENGALIS BEING MOHAMMEDAN WILL NOT ACCEPT THE RULE OF DELHI BUT THE PEOPLE OF EAST PUNJAB BEING HINDUS AND SIKHS WILL NOT STOP LICKING SLAVERY. THEY FEEL THEY AER IN HEAVEN IF THEY CAN SEE SONIA FROM ITALY AND ABDUL KALAM OF PAKISTAN ON TOP.////// SINDH, BALUCHISTAN AND NORTH KASHMIR SPAT ON HINDUSTAN AND HER SECULARISM WHILE THE PEOPLE OF EAST PUNJAB MUST REMAIN IN SHACKLES AND HANDCUFFS.////// THE FLIGHTS FROM AMRITSAR GOING TO WEST ARE FULL OF SIKHS AND PUNJABIS BUT THEY ALL SIT LIKE "MONKEY AND BABOONS" IN CAGES OWNED AND FLOWN BY AIR INDIA OF BANDIT DYNASTY WHERE THE BOFORS CHOR WAS ONCE A PILOT.///// EVEN IMPOVERISHED EAST BENGAL AND STARVING TURKMENISTAN FLY THEIR OWN AIRLINES WITH PRIDE BUT NOT THE BEATEN, DEMORALISED, INTIMIDATED AND FLATTENED PUNJABIS. =========================////// Aviation Minister not keeping promises, says M.S.Gill/////// Prabhjot Singh/////// Tribune News Service /////// Chandigarh, April 20/////// The Union Civil Aviation Minister, Mr Praful Patel, has not kept the promises he made for upgrading Amritsar international airport as well as introducing more passenger flights from there for the convenience of Punjabis, rues Mr Manohar Singh Gill, MP.////// While new international flights have been introduced from Nagpur and Pune, the Civil Aviation Ministry failed to start an Air-India flight from Amritsar to the Middle East in April. Likewise, Mr Gill alleged, Jet Airways had not been able to start its proposed Amritsar-London flight so far. Little had been done to implement other demands conceded by the Ministry, including direct flights from Amritsar to Toronto and Vancouver, some months ago. ///// Talking to The Tribune, Mr Gill, a former Chief Election Commissioner and now a member of the Rajya Sabha from Punjab, said that while other cities were being given special treatment, Punjab's only international airport in Amritsar was being denied its due. /////// "I have had several meetings both with the Union Civil Aviation Minister and senior officials in the ministry. They made many promises. But now at the end of April, when most of the agreed demands were to be implemented, I find nothing on the ground," alleged Mr Gill. /////// "I have nothing against expansion and the introduction of new flights from other states, but at the same time Punjab should be given its due," he added. /////// "In December, I had written a letter to the Union Defence Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, suggesting the removal of some old Army barracks from the precincts of Amritsar airport. The Airport Authority of India had offered not only to relocate these barracks but also undertake their construction and hand these over to the Army.////// "The Ministry of Defence has done nothing so far. I am going to raise the issue when Parliament starts its session again next month. I am going to argue why the liberal treatment given to other states should not be extended to Punjab in the aviation sector. Amritsar continues to be badly connected. New flights cannot be introduced because of the lack of adequate infrastructure and facilities," added Mr Gill. ////// Many international air carriers were eyeing Amritsar as a potential destination, but because of the lack of the required response from both the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Airport Authority, progress had been negligible.///// Amritsar airport recorded the highest growth (82.5 per cent) in passenger traffic in the country last year. Among various air carriers waiting for permission to introduce international flights from Amritsar is Jet Airways. From May 1, Air-India is going to double the frequency of its Delhi-Amritsar-Birmingham-Toronto flight to six days a week.////// ---------- --------------------------------//////000000000