Date: 4/3/2006


AN INDIAN "COOLIE" HAS ADDRESSED HIS PETITION TO THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA. THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA IS ABDUL KALAM, A MOHAMMEDAN, STILL THRIVING IN PARTITIONED INDIA.////// HERE IS THE ADVICE TO THE IGNORANT WRITER OF THAT PETITION:///// =================== ///// Mr MOHAMMED AMIN,/////// I am afraid your petition has gone to Jenab ABDUL KALAM, PRESIDENT OF PARTITIONED INDIA, who is a PAKISTANI as per Act of Partition of India, 1947. ////// It stated quite clearly that "INDIA WILL BE DIVIDED BETWEEN THE MUSLIMS AND THE REST." ////// Unless we correct the foundation, the edifice will not stand long. It already has deep cracks and leaking roof as you mention below.////// The biggest CRIME we are all committing against India and Law & Order is to forget the UNFORGETTABLE, that is, PARTITION. ////// Just because there is no mention of it in Ambedkar's Vidhan does not mean that the Indian lowly crow can dress up as a noble swan to fool all Laws of Man and Nature. ////// The capital of Punjab ought to be LAHORE, not the Union Territory. Punjab was PARTITIONED, broken and left bleeding. ////// Please comment on this with equal passion as you have cried over the massacre of 2000 Muslims of Gujarat. ////// West Punjab saw not 2,000 but 200,000 Sikhs massacred within days in 1947. Rawalpindi district alone saw 2000 murdered. /////// Either the conscience or the morality of India is defective. The FACT is that India cannot claim to be secular after that Partition. At present it is a "mongrel dog" of NO pedigree with a cease fire line running through PARTITIONED Kashmir and East Bengal honoured as Bangladesh instead of abused as Bogusdesh. ////// Secularism that is zero in Lahore cannot be imposed in Delhi by any amount of force, coercion or political fraud and thuggery. ////// 000000000