Date: 3/18/2006


SOVEREIGN SIKH SPEAKS TO SARKARI SIKH IN PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (P.I.S.S.):-///// Mr DS GILL, ////// "Shut up" is not our Sikh language for dissidents. It seems straight out of KORAN or from the Manual of Al Qaida. Please use proper language when addressing the world's MOST HONOURABLE community, the Sikhs.////// You would be more credible if the capital of Punjab was in LAHORE. Now you sound like WIND, like Patriotism of Father of Nation GANDHI and Mother of Nation, SONIA imported from the Land of Mussolini for lack of native talent.////// Please note that you are addressing the "wounded LIONS" of East Punjab, not the "dead JACKALS" of PARTITIONED India.///// Our slogans, too, need an answer. Two are just beneath the signatures below.///// Please don't shut up but reply. ///// Do you wish to see us in Amritsar as the world saw us in LAHORE? Please DON'T shut up but reply.///// amarindeR///// 1. STAND UP for Khalistan because there is Pakistan! 2. SPEAK UP for Sovereign East PUNJAB because East BENGAL is sovereign!////// =======================///// In a message dated 18/03/2006 17:14:24 GMT Standard Time, D.S.Gill@IHRO.IN writes: ///// Slogan Mongers, Please Shut-up!///// ‘Take Up Issues for the Cause’ ///// We have rightly described the Zee TVs’ doctored news story on Khalistan as ill-timed and intriguingly plotted episode. They dubbed it as Desh Droh just to appease certain bully politicians and to rock Hindu media-prone people against the Sikhs, more specifically the pro-active Sikhs who were fighting the state onslaught to seek justice for the Sikh Nation. Thus, they tried to create communal hatred against the mainstream, pro-Punjab and pro-Sikh leaders, that too, at a time when Punjab is facing Assembly early next year. Definitely, it was not without strings. ///// They had earlier created such like political situation in June this year, in the wake of the commemoration of the Sikh Massacre week at Amritsar and the arrest of Babbar Khalsa Indian chief Jagtar Hawara from Patiala. They had arrested some leaders of the Sikh mainstream leadership, including Simranjit Singh Mann and Kanwarpal Singh of the Dal Khalsa. And against this state onslaught, there came into being a common, united front of about two dozen groups, under the aegis of Punjab Rights Forum (PRF) to meet the state offensive. Surprisingly, if you can recollect the things, the so-called Panthic and traditional Akali leadership that then included Parkash Singh Badal, Chhota Badal and Jagir Kaur, clandestinely supported the state offensive against the Sikh activists and their leaders. On one pretext or the other, they met Prime Minister and President of India. Despite their sinister designs and connivance with the Congress, they could not catch the ball. As a matter of fact, both Badal and Capt Amarinder Singh failed to gain politically anything of that bout. ///// The second bout on part of Capt Singh and his central leadership, with the active and open support of Paramjit Singh Sarna, the then president of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, was the installation of Palki for Guru Granth Sahib at a Gurdwara in Pakistan. The large gathering of Sikhs enroute, throughout Punjab, was a gain for Sarna and indirectly of the Capt, because Badal was alienated in this episode as he had boycotted the Palki procession. But, on the other hand, the Congress could not cash the clout of proactive Sikh leadership because of Simranjit Singh Mann’s political prowess. It was certainly a loss to Badal camp, among the Sikh population within India and abroad. Another move of the Centre and its security agencies was to tame the entire mainstream Sikh leadership in their support and to the dismay of traditional Akalis, led by Badal. It was tried through ‘Virsa Sambhal Vishav Sikh Sammelan’ held at Sirhind last month. But, that, too, did not bear any fruit because most of the mainstream Panthic groups kept themselves away from the Sammelan. The purpose was to use these groups against Badal and in favour of the Congress, without giving them any tooth. This drama proved a complete flop show, despite the large gathering at the venue, because of the skilful handling of the issue by Parkash Singh Badal and the non-participation of all the Punjab Panthic groups. Their only gain was the participation of the Shiromani Khalsa Dal president Daljit Singh Bittu, who immediately, after realising his mistake, used Mann and Dal Khalsa’s platforms to rigger out of the mess. Earlier to this, the state had tried to show Daljit Singh its face by making or arranging revelations regarding the renegade Sikh militants, such as Sukhwinder Singh alias ‘Sukhi,’ who was known to be very close to Daljit Singh, even after he had becomes Virk Sena’s “commander” (cat) under a fake name. It was a setback to Daljit Singh. It may affect his political career as well. ///// The purpose, behind all this, was either to tame the pro-Punjab and pro-Sikh groups loosely converged in the aegis of Punjab Rights Forum or to scuttle their democratic, political activities so that they could not become a real third force in the state to the dismay of both the Congress and the SAD (Badal). Apparently, the Indian security agencies’ second choice is Parkash Singh Badal, if it could not be Capt Amarinder Singh, second time in Punjab. Of late, the agencies had made a master game plan, subtlety involving the Centre, the right-wing political parties, including Badal’s through Sukhbir Singh Badal, the most expiring candidate for chief minister ship of Punjab. The Zee TV Network’s proximity to Badal is well known. Every one knows that Zee Punjabi channel promotes Badal, while Punjab Today TV channel is all praise for Capt Amarinder Singh. Zee TV Network etc channel, Punjabi, that daily telecast Gurbani form the sacred precincts of Darbar Sahib, Amritsar, is friendly with Badal. Many people say that Sukhbir Badal knew what the ZEE News channel would be telecasting on the Khalistan issue. He was made to believe, nay, he was sure that he would definitely outshine Bharat Inder Singh Chahal, the media advisor to Punjab CM, in this regard. In this episode, too, Badal is gainer. Capt remains offensive while the Panthic, Khalistani groups are defensive. ////// Panthic groups are in defence because they do not pick up socio-economic and political issues, dear to the people of Punjab, to confront the state and to maintain separate identity of the Sikhs and Punjab. Dal Khalsa and Khalsa Dal did well to get united and addressed the Sangat at Anandpur Sahib on Holla Mohalla. They need to come on a common political platform to address the long pending issues confronting Punjab and the Sikhs. Mere mongering of the slogans for Khalistan would do harm than any good. If the new leadership does not take up these issues, it cannot be expected to follow any other drastic, revolutionary programme of action. The electorate is bound to ask the contestants questions on these specific matters and they are expected to spell out their minds in public. ////// D S Gill///// Chair IHRO///// 000000000