Date: 3/17/2006


In a message dated 17/03/2006 17:50:10 GMT Standard Time, writes: ///// Ramesh Kallidai, Secretary General of the Hindu Forum, added: “Visiting Auschwitz was shocking and deeply moving. Seeing the actual place where this senseless genocide took place left a much deeper impact on me than just hearing about it. ///// "Those who still persist in their meaningless diatribe of Holocaust denial have only to look at the mountain of human hair, personal effects, the gas chambers and the crematoria to come to their senses.”///// =================///// Thank you for this invaluable posting.///// We admire the brave Jews for setting up this Memorial in honour of their victims of Holocaust. ///// But what about the HINDU nation, that has been "skinned alive" by the blood thirsty KAFIR KILLER MOHAMMEDAN "BEASTS" since 712 AD? ///// Have the ONE BILLION of us put up a Memorial to honour our own DEAD anywhere in India, leave aside somewhere in the world? ///// If in India such a Memorial is liable to be BLOWN UP by home grown terrorists, than what about a small cell next to the Jewish Holocaust Museum in JERUSALEM? It will be quite safe from Muslim VANDALS. Won't it? ///// "Hindu Leader in Britain Joins Auschwitz Visit". ///// Well done, Mr. Ramesh Kallidai for such an act of courage. You have invited the wrath of SONIA KHAN and ABDUL KALAM back home who are dead set AGAINST such memorials for the wretched HINDU victims! ///// This is the best thing our Hindu brothers have seen, perhaps in whole life. How the Jews have preserved their heritage while OUR HERITAGE flies and flows AWAY with the winds of time on the straws and leaves of our leaders' COWARDICE. ///// If only one could be taken on a similar tour to many cities in South Asia, like Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi in West Punjab and NOAKHALI in East Bengal, to learn how in each village, town and even field and street HINDUS were chased, caught, abducted, raped, degraded, slaughtered or forced to flee, ///// We are an ancient land and a sub continent but this eye opener experience will not be ours if ITALIANS AND MOHAMMEDANS control our Hindu INFORMATION and Destiny back home. ///// Those "dogs and bitches" RULING and FOOLING our subjugated HINDU nation took decades before even recognising Israel as a State. ///// It is high time we HINDUS liberated ourselves and then set up SIMILAR memorials on the manner we PERISHED on our own TERRITORY. ///// What does the world think of our own total denial of our own HOLOCAUST of 1947? ///// We as a nation have been such COWARDS that we have removed the word "PARTITION" from our "Bhangi's" VIDHAN. ///// How can our children then come to know of that GENERAL MASSACRE of the Hindus, if our Constitution and Hindu organisations ACCEPT partition, and don't wish to mention it? ///// 000000000