Date: 3/17/2006


Dear Brothers, ///// It is a fact that, this great nation 'Bhaarat' is in trouble . The overall situation has deteriorated so much that, a large section of the society has no 'patriotsm' at all . In reality, many "Indians" in spite of being fed by the nation , deliberately wanting the disintegration of the country . So what is the solution ???. ///// What we need is a credible alternative to lead the country ; a set- up that is in tune with the fundamental 'Atmic' nature of Bhaarat. Hindu leaders possessing the integrity of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna must come up to save this nation . Those who are willing to compromise own religious faith for power and selfish gains can cheat the people but not the Paramatman . Leaders like Advani,Vajpayee, Mahajan, Susama, Jaitly, Naidu, Rajnath etc are relying on their manipulatory skills as they don't have faith in the effectiveness of 'Atmic' power. Uma Bharathi is a different person . But, she has 'personal desires' which is unacceptable for a Sannyasin and this has curtailed her progress.I hope thar Umaji will rectify herself soon to be equipped with divine support of the Paramatman to save this ancient nation Bhaarat. ///// Let us all pray for the nation's survival ; the current situation is truly dangerous. /////// A Hindu 000000000