Date: 3/12/2006


Gilgit-Baltistan part of J&K: India///// ///// NEW DELHI, Mar 10: ////// India today reaffirmed** that the Gilgit-Baltistan region is a part of Jammu and Kashmir State which, on the basis of its accession in 1947, is an intergral part of the country. ////// "We would like to reaffirm that the region of Gilgit-Baltistan is a part of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, which, on the basis of its accession in 1947, is an integral part of India," an External Affairs Ministry spokesman said in reply to a questtion. ///// The spokesman was commenting on reports that some Pakistani missions were circulating a new map of Jammu and Kashmir depicting the so-called Northern Areas of Gilgit-Baltistan as a separate entity and only the rest of the J and K as a State. ////// "We have seen the reports in the Pakistani media," the spokesman said. ////// He said the Pakistan Foreign Office had, however, denied that it had circulated any new map. (UNI) ///// =============///// COMMENT:///// India today reaffirmed** O YES?///// Just merely affirming and reaffirming is meaningless just like German ASSERTION over Kaliningrad.//// For it to be meaningful, India has to ADVANCE on territory a mere one inch across cease fire line in Kashmir. Yes, a mere one inch, and invite the nuclear strike on Delhi.///// People of Gilgit and Baltistan who put faith in Bapu, Nehru and India's "assertion" have long since DIED, giving place to Taliban and Mujahideen. ////// India's Supreme Commander is a HINDU under the name of "Abdul Kalam". He cannot set his foot in that area even in his dream.////// 000000000