Date: 3/8/2006


In a message dated 08/03/2006 20:57:25 GMT Standard Time, writes: ///// Describing Myanmar as a close friend and neighbour, President APJ Abdul Kalam said India was not only looking at restoring the Silk Route via Myanmar to China but also working on a continental train link from Delhi to Hanoi in Vietnam via Myanmar. That, besides developing the sea route to Kolkata and Chennai from the port of Sittwe. ///// =============///// Mr Abd-ul-Kalam, please don't treat us like captive audience. How will your proposed "train of peace" pass through the massive Hindu Killer hostile land barrier called Bangladesh? ///// Wasn't it created in 1947 and again in 1972 for the sole purpose of separating HINDU India from BUDDHIST Myanmar and deterring any Hindu from undertaking the journey? ///// As a proof of your loyalty to India, please do not FLY OVER Bangladesh but do the journey by train or bus and if you arrive at the other end alive, your Hindu subjects will follow. ///// In the same way, if YOU were to stay in Srinagar for three weeks, the Hindu refugees will take heart to go back to their homes. ///// Instead of flying AWAY from bleeding India, you had to go to VARANASI to put up camp for seven days. ///// We know your secret mission in Myanmar: to try to enthrone Aung San Suu Kyi. You are not the one to tell her to PACK UP and go to Oxford to join her children. ///// You, Mr Kalam, could also notice the fires in Hindu Nepal and lift a finger to bring peace to that land.///// Finally, since you love Sanskrit, eat vegetarian and are fond of Gita and Sanskrit, then what is the big sacrifice in saying in public, "I am a HINDU and no more ABDUL KALAM."? ///// How lucky you are, Mr. Kalam, to be Supreme Commander of one billion docile trusting and loving Hindus who are being killed and assassinated on daily basis. ///// ==================///// / To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. ( ///// 000000000