Date: 2/9/2006


WHY SIKHS IN BRITAIN OUGHT TO SUPPORT BNP, A VIEW. ////// What British National Party (BNP) stands for. ///// Members of BNP have been in constant touch with the Sikh politics in this country as well as in India. There is something that makes us natural allies. ///// On reading their manifesto one thing comes out clearly. Britain for the British. We wish we had the counterpart of BNP before our Punjab was partitioned in 1947. We put our faith in the semi-naked “sadhu” of Gujerat (MK Gandhi) and took up his chant of “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” and then fled in all directions like the gypsies in the 11th century AD. We saw the FINEST community in India nearly annihilated within weeks. ///// There is hostile propaganda against BNP by vested interests. We need to read the BNP Manifesto with our own eyes and speak to them directly. ///// They believe in selective, restricted and controlled immigration. Need we worry? What is wrong with it? This is due to the stark naked FACT that in this age of democracy, any alteration in demography can have catastrophic effects. ///// Those adhering to very separatist and fundamentalist Beliefs can, sooner or later, prevail upon, and “drown”, the whole (that is, the majority community) after gaining even one per cent majority in numbers. Do we need anyone else to tell us this? ///// We came to the “whole” in the United Kingdom that was Christian, civilised and tolerant but what if the new demographic changes result in an intolerant whole that we saw throughout West Punjab in 1947? What then? ////// BNP learnt about the forced evacuation of the non Muslims, especially the Sikhs, from West Punjab in 1947 when numbers alone and religion alone, meant survival or death. ////// Which religion is flying its flag over Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib unashamedly, arrogantly and self-righteously today? How does that fit in with our own cosmopolitan and universal outlook and spirit of tolerance? How does that "Partition of Punjab" fit in with our instinct to defend our TERRITORY to last man? ////// Since we live here permanently and our children's schools, our homes, businesses, jobs and gurdwaras are here, too, this is the territory we are supposed to defend, standing shoulder to shoulder with the BNP. ////// In India the yardstick of numbers was extended to the extent that overall Muslim majority was taken into account and several cities and towns with clear NON MUSLIM majority, e.g., Lahore, had to be surrendered and evacuated post-haste in panic and bloodshed. When fleeing families rejoined east of the new Indo-Pak border many thanked God to find their daughters safe with them. ////// The word “PARTITION” was immediately deleted in the case of Punjab, Bengal and Kashmir, not to embarrass the All-India Congress Party who had agreed to hand over ONE THIRD of India to indigenous Muslims without referendum or condition. ////// Due to the fact that Congress is still in power in India, this historic fact, with its horrific details of loss of life, lands, businesses and property, has never been properly recorded for posterity. A very simplistic picture was painted of the day in August 1947 when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru saw the "glow of freedom" and congratulated his nation on gaining Independence from the British. Was our Lahore, the city that was burning, on his mind? ///// One would have thought it sheer common-sense and self evident that a community that passed through the gates of Hell in 1947, and during the previous centuries, would take a serious note of its political environment. But this was not to be the case. Not only Congress Party but ONE Dynasty has held sway over India with the result that we had another attack on our holy shrines and youths in 1984 with devastating effects that will only be recorded by an impartial government or a well resourced body like the Jews. ////// British National Party take into account the Sikhs’ record of loyalty to crown, hard work and universal outlook. In their view the Sikhs are among the finest communities at present living in the United Kingdom. ///// Sadly they also note that many Sikhs here are so influenced, even intimidated, by the Muslim dominated media in the UK and India that they keep avoiding the BNP and go out to vote for other parties. ////// Like the All-India Congress Party back home, the Labour Party here, too, have a guilty conscience when it comes to the Sikhs. ////// It was the LABOUR Government in the United Kingdom under Clement Attlee that surrendered the whole of West Punjab, including our holy city of LAHORE where Guru Arjun Dev Ji was martyred in 1606 AD (http://www.sikhs.org/guru5.htm and Sri Nankana Sahib where our First Divine Guru was born in 1539 AD (http://www.sikhs.org/guru1.htm ////// Both the Congress Party in India and the Labour Government here not only owe an apology to the Sikhs for surrendering our territory, lands and interests without any care or consideration for Sikh survival and well-being, but also need to compensate the victims whose number runs into millions. So far both have escaped their obligation due to the fact that the Sikhs have NO leadership and resources unlike the Jews who are still getting compensation for their losses in early 1940’s. ////// Those well informed Sikhs, strong in the knowledge of these facts will seriously consider to support BNP in this country, more so since BNP supports the Sikhs’ right to self determination. ////// Since our rulers there and here have put us all into “nishkam sewa” (selfless service) mode, we are like a "lost tribe". We need, therefore, to correct our political views, affiliations and vision. Finally, what influence can we have upon BNP, a rising national political party due to global violence that we are seeing around us, if we stay away? ////// Please support the BNP and invite their members to visit gurdwaras in your company and address congregations as members of the other political parties do. ////// 000000000