Date: 2/7/2006


CHASE THEM OUT OF PARTITIONED INDIA ///// Let us answer some SIMPLE questions: ////// Is TRISHUL flying over Mecca, or is it the Islamic flag flying over OUR OWN city called LAHORE that was founded by LUV, the son of Sri Rama, but surrendered unconditionally by a terrified India to the DEVILS in 1947? Why was India terrified of the DEVIL’S in 1947? ///// Who abducted, raped and CONVERTED the FIVE Daughters of Hindustan, KARACHI, QUETTA, PESHAWAR, LAHORE and DHAKA and infected the SIXTH, SRINAGAR, with cancer and VD in 1947? ///// Which religion has "JAAHILS", killers and "BEASTS" by the million who shout, "DEATH to the enemies of MOHAMMED!”, and “DEATH TO DEMOCRACY!” in Europe? ///// What kind of a Prophet was Mohammed? Was he like Gandhi or Guru Nanak who preached UNIVERSAL love and tolerance? ///// Did Mohammed (PEACE BE UPON HIS VICTIMS) preach Love of Kafirs, or DEATH TO KAFIRS? //// Which DEVIL broke up our holy land of peace, secularism and universal love into three fragments and then terrified the gentle Hindus to go under a treacherous Constitution that does not mention PARTITION or reunification (of India) or even EXPULSION of the ENEMY? ///// Which DEVIL instigated his followers to Kill the Kafirs, abduct, rape and CONVERT their daughters, even small girls, and occupy their TERRITORY and shamelessly fly his flag upon it, savagely disregarding the feelings and sentiments of all the NON Muslims? ///// Followers of which "DEVIL" destroyed the temples across the world, especially in Bharat? Did the Hindus or the Buddhists, even the JEWS, go out to occupy Arabia to destroy the mosques there and kill and convert the natives? ///// Which DEVIL has terrified the free world to the extent that we cannot even ask these questions in the open?///// Should we not curse and ABUSE that man of violence and vulgarity, the POEDOPHILE, who promised virgins after death to his followers in order to motivate them to KILL. LOOT and RAPE? ///// Which devil can designate any bit of Hindustan “ISLAMIC”? ////// Which devil wants to take away the right of entire mankind to THINK and QUESTION? ////// ISLAMIC terrorism against HINDUS is being ignored because the Hindus are ignoring the TERRORISTS. ///// In fact, the Hindus are embracing their sworn enemies, calling them “brothers and sisters”, eating “Iftar” with them and even paying for their Hajj travels. Most Hindus have deleted the word “Partition” from their vocabulary, crushed the idea of raising a Memorial to the TWO MILLION DEAD of 1947 and also forgotten to raise the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. ///// It is beyond belief that they terrorise us into submission even in Ayodhya and Sri Nankana Sahib. ///// The Constitution of a terrified (BROKEN) BHARAT does not mention HIGH TREASON by the indigenous MOHAMMEDANS against their own land of birth. In which country was Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the Father of Pakistan, born? It was India. ///// The devils do not want to see a Hindu in Mecca but spawn their own offspring like poisonous mushrooms in PARTITIONED India. From 30 million in the year of partition, they are over 100 million now. ////// Yes, stand up with courage, O' intimidated, humiliated, terrified and defeated mankind. ///// BUY DANISH. Defy the Devil with courage. EXPEL “Mohammeds” from your midst and have peace, and enjoy prosperity. ///// DEMAND the return of what is YOURS that was taken by force by the bullies, rapists, murderers and "JAAHILS", including North Kashmir. ///// Man to man we, too, are ONE BILLION on earth and all concentrated in one country instead of their forty-four. ////// The slogans on placards during their raucous noisy London march (Friday 3 March 2006) read: ////// ANNIHILATE THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM///// MASSACRE THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM///// BEHEAD THOSE WHO INSULT ISLAM///// DEMOCRACY, GO TO HELL///// EUROPE, YOUR 9/11 WILL COME.///// Now just recall how they all escaped their ISLAMIC HELL by swimming across the rough seas, many drowning on the way, travelling by rickety leaking boats, by hiding in lorries and containers crossing borders of Europe, by clinging to undercarriage of trains, by bribing immigration and customs officials and border guards, by changing identities, and by using forged and stolen passports. . ///// Recall, too, that when caught, they begged of courts and authorities in Europe and America not to send them back to their own ISLAMIC Hells that were under their own MOHAMMED’S Sharia Law. ///// It is the same treacherous Muslim immigrants who are now threatening to blow up more buses and destroy more trains in England and elsewhere. ///// Is there anyone else on earth like the Muslims who cut off the hand that feeds them. ///// Appeal to the HINDUS, “Don’t just passively watch them shout “MURDER” in the streets of Delhi and Mumbai. Rise, to remove the provocative and obscene ISLAMIC flags from Khyber and Chittagong, and those of the treacherous breakaway rebellious ISLAMIC republics of Pakistan and BOGUSdesh, flying under the nose of ABDUL KALAM and at a stone’s throw from his “Bhawan" in New Delhi. ///// Chase them back to the HOLE in Mecca from where they emerged, led by the sword wielding bloodthirsty savage MOHAMMED. ///// Such cartoons ought to have been published by all the HINDU editors on August 15, 1947, when daughters of India were abducted by force and raped, over 15 million Hindus were forced out of their homes, and one third of INDIAN territory was occupied by the ARMY OF MOHAMMED, without regret, apology, referendum or shame. ///// What about a "FATWA" against the "DEVIL" himself? What a killer cat he must be that the entire FREE world cannot "bell" it, even in Partitioned Indian Secular State and North Kashmir! ///// 000000000