Date: 2/4/2006


Scions of the Nehru-Gandhi family eternal rulers of Bharat Ashok Kumar/////,~Congress ////// New Delhi, January 28: It is the last day of the plenary session of the Congress. The President of the party Antonia Gandhi, while speaking over the occasion, was trying her level best to dwell on the priorities of the party in light of the challenges lurking in its path. But those present on the occasion, it seems, did not give much heed to what their party president was trying to highlight. ///// For the majority of them, somebody occupying the helm of affairs from the Gandhi family is enough; her priorities can take a back seat so far as that ‘Magic Presence’ is maintained in the party. ///// Meanwhile the Congress people do not want to let go the opportunity to milk this ‘status’ of the party whenever and wherever the elections happen. ///// The basic requirement of the party is of course to win elections and when someone from the Gandhi family is at the helm of affairs, the victories are taken for granted. ////// This huge gap (between Congress chief and members), which was evident on the last day of the plenary session of the Congress when the esteemed crowd that gathered there, demanded the appearance of Rahul Gandhi on the podium to address them and assure them of his more active presence in the affairs of the party. ///// Expecting the cherished leader of the masses to lead the party is something that is an important factor in any political party and Congress is no exception to this fact. ///// It could well be illustrated that Atal Biharee Hajpayee was similarly a greatly required presence in the Bharatiya Janta Party as was Jyoti Basu for the ruling communist party in West Bengal and Lalu Prasad Yadav for the Rashtriya Janta Dal. ///// But what makes the vehement demand of the Congress party men for Rahul Gandhi absurd is that he is still far away from having an appeal to the masses like the other veterans, who have treaded to each and every nook of the country and have a fairly good understanding of the nuances which builds up the fabric of the society. ///// The holler to elevate the latest scion of the legendary Nehru-Gandhi political dynasty has come at a three-day Congress convention that came to an end in Hyderabad on Monday, January 23, 2006. ///// Who would have ever wondered that the assembly which would be the meeting ground for Congressmen all over the country, to transform it into a brain storming session with delegates from all the parts sharing their experience to bring better fruits to the party would end up singing the same rhyme which if repeated too often could be a bitter pill not only for the common man and supporters of the party but for the Congress supremo as well who is trying to revive the party to find the lost ground in certain states which were supposed to be its strong holds quite before the emergence of the regional satraps. ///// A party new to the coalition scene has recently faced a face off in Karnataka where the Congress led government is threatened by the splinter group of the supporting Janta Dal (Secular). ////// The Congress Chief is pragmatic enough to realize the gravity of situation and the party’s high handedness in handling the delicate situation. ///// But it seems difficult to comprehend that the same worry is reflected in the congregation in the plenary session. Instead of trying to pay heed to the party leader the party it seems just does not wants to come out of that notoriously lazy recline where it is idly basking in the magnetism of the individuality that comes handy with the scions of the Nehru-Gandhi family ///// Rahul first contested elections in 2004 and was elected to Parliament from Amethi, a family citadel in Uttar Pradesh, winning more than a simple majority of the votes cast. But everybody knows, as to whom goes the credit for his maiden and marvelous victory. ///// It is obvious for anybody to guess why the locales of Amethi voted him to power when he had nothing to show to them except that he was the son of Rajiv Gandhi and the grandson of Indira. But what Antonia or Rahul accepts is something which becomes immaterial for the petty Congress leaders who shy away from the ground responsibilities and always dream of a joy ride on the legacy of the grand political dynasty powered by anyone who has inherited that family label. ///// It is not to say that Rahul cannot prove himself as a responsible leader of the party and masses but the whole point is, the Congress wallas should show a minimum of patience and allow the budding scion and heir apparent of the Antonia Gandhi to earn him his well deserved rank of leading one of the oldest ruling party of the country. ///// As Rahul himself confessed in the plenary session, “My place right now is among our people, my place right now is to learn and to understand so I can serve my people and my party better.” The Congressmen should have some regards at least for the words uttered by their very own cherished leader, if not for the poor voter of this country.///// Sycophancy has been the bane of the Congress of Indira GANDHI, Rajiv and now Antonia who has been catapulted to power with no special qualification or study. She started as a waitress in a London hotel where she enticed Rajiv Gandhi and got into the Gandhi family. The course of events pushed her to the forefront. ///// In spite of bluntly telling them not to say anything about individuals, these congress servants kept chanting that they are slaves of only Gandhi family. Only god can save them.Congress culture has turned into appeasing Antonia and Rahul only. They do not have self respect or Asmita. What can one say? They compete in pleasing these individuals. Who is at fault?///// Congress meeting is a gathering place for the scoundrels and looters of Hindu Bharat. It is most likely that JD(S) would be split soon in Karnatka. And the split group would be taken back in the congress. Kumara swamy really can go back to the Congress fold. If the Congress can take hard-core Shiv Sainiks like Narayan Rane in Maharashtra, or Shankarsinh Vaghela in Gujarat in its fold, they can take anyone back in their fold. JD-S can also go back to the "secular fold". Who cares about ideology these days? What really matters are - (1) jaati equations in pre-poll days (2) party equations in post poll days. Everything else is perceived as non-essential. ///// There are only 3 parties which stick to some sort of ideology. (Congress as anti-BJP, Left as anti-BJP, and BJP as anti-Congress/Left). Anti-Christianism is now an ideology. All other terms (secularism, psecularism ...) have been rendered context dependent. ///// The objective of the leaders is to loot the country and not work towards the development of Bharat. People will have to throw Congress out of power or even out of Bharat. To save Bharat, some partied like INC ( Islamic National Congress) , NCP ( National Chamchas Party) , CPI ( Corrupt party of India) CPM( Maha Corrupt party) RJD ///// ( Rakshsas Jallad Dal) should be thrown in the Indian ocean. Islamisation and Christianisation of Hindus is going on at its full speed in Hindusthan the land of Hindus due to secularism which is the cancer for Hindu-Bharat. The so called minority is dominating over Hindus due to anti Hindu Congress, Communists and opportunists. It is a very serious situation indeed for Hindus. Hindu leaders are not yet ready or united against the enemy. ////// Most of the Bharatiya media are anti Hindu, keep repeating lies, and keep spreading fabricated theories to degrade Hindu religion and insult Hindus. It is because we Hindus as a civilization still suffer from Dhimmitude and because our educational system is still Macaulayan (so that it continues to produce Dhimmitude). As part of these two factors is Nehruvian secularism whose founder was the so-called "Mahatma" Gandhi, is the cause for the degradation of Hindus. ///// ///// Antonia is Catholic Christian. Even her son, daughter and son in law are Catholic Christians. People of Bharat have voted both Antonia and Rahul to send them into Parliament. They have been commanded by Jesus to slay non-Christians who do not accept Jesus their king. (Bible, Luke 19:27). She is residing in Bharat to baptize, bring fire and division among the families of Bharat and the entire globe. (Bible-Luke/ Chapter 12 / Verse 49-53). ///// Antonia is exploiting the fraud named Indian Constitution and the name of Nehru, Gandhi. The Indian Constitution has been compiled to enslave one economically & religiously Hindu Bharat, steal the possessions of the humanity and eradicate Vedic culture. ///// Antonia, Rahul and other scions of Nehru family need to be vanished from the political scene of Bharat. ///// =================== 000000000