Date: 1/23/2006


Ironically both regimes are facing extreme danger and are in their last days.///// The King is the special target of AL QAIDA and Sonia's SARKAR is the special target of rising Hindutva resurgence whereby the indigenous natives claim their DHARTI from the foreigners and are about to exterminate the homegrown separatists (fathers of Pakistan) and enemies of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.///// If in BOLIVIA a native can come to the top, surely our own Hindustan ought to be the next. Just wait and see the FIREWORKS in Mecca and Delhi. ////// By the way when the Arabs first came to India, they showed their true ISLAMIC colours and rascal's character. ///// MOHAMMED BIN QASIM abducted two daughters of Raja Dahir of Sindh. One he presented to the King of IRAQ and the other he gave to Amir of KARBALA. Someone can correct me on this. ////// He beheaded the HINDU King and converted the natives by sword and gun just like the Spaniards in South America.///// If the present king has any DECENCY he will apologise for the misdeed of his ancestor. ///// If he finds Manmohan Singh bowing deep before him and his cabinet most willing to please His Majesty then there will be NO apology but more funds will pour in to covert the natives to ISLAM. //// We shall see. ///// In politics it is easy to SEE the tiger and the goat. The one who attacked and CAPTURED Lahore, and the other who did a deep salaam till his nose touched the earth. He even surrendered Chittagong. ///// ============== ///// Posted online: Monday, January 23, 2006 at 0222 hours IST ///// NEW DELHI, JANUARY 22: All the pomp surrounding the first visit by a Saudi King to India in half a century—planeloads of royalty accompanying the monarch and the pageantry of the Republic’s birthday bash—will not hide the strategic significance of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s talks with King Abdullah on Wednesday. ///// ...000000000