"Death to Pakistan", SHOUT THE AFGHANS

Date: 1/23/2006


Protestors shout "Death to Pakistan" ------------------------------------//// Unfortunately, these protests are not taking place in India, but in Afghanistan. Strange to say, but Indians would do well to fulfil the wishes of the Afghans in this respect.///// Link: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/world/3594753.html ///// Jan. 18, 2006, 6:05AM///// Afghans Protest Pakistan After Bombing ///// By NAIMATULLAH SARHADI///// Associated Press Writer 2006 The Associated Press///// SPINBOLDAK, Afghanistan More than 5,000 people chanting "Death to Pakistan!" marched through two Afghan border towns Wednesday to protest a suicide bombing they blame on the neighboring country. ///// The blast at a wrestling match on Monday killed 21 people, making it the deadliest suicide attack since U.S.-led forces ousted the Taliban in 2001. No one has claimed responsibility, and a purported spokesman for the Taliban rebels denied involvement.///// "Death to Pakistan! Death to al-Qaida! Death to the Taliban!" the protesters shouted as they marched to the towering Friendship Gate that marks Waish's border crossing with Pakistan. ///// The protesters also made their way through the larger town of Spinboldak, another key border crossing. Most shops in the two neighboring towns were closed because of the protest. ///// Afghan officials have repeatedly claimed that the Taliban and other militant groups have training bases in Pakistan and are receiving support from that side of the border _ an accusation Islamabad denies.///// An Afghan tribal elder who spoke at the demonstration said that attackers in Monday's bombing had trained in Pakistan. ///// "They kill us Afghans. They kill tribesmen and they want tribesmen living in Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight with each other," said Akhtar Mohammed Qabail. ///// Hours before Monday's explosion, President Hamid Karzai told reporters he believed most of those responsible for about 20 suicide attacks in the past three months have been foreigners, though he did not say from where.///// Pakistan strengthened security on its side of the border during the protest and the crossing was closed temporarily until the demonstrations subsided.///// 000000000