Date: 1/23/2006


Rahul to lead the young generation of India????//// ------------------ www.indianexpress.com//// 'Rahul to fulfill father Rajiv's unfinished task'//// Press Trust of India Posted online: Sunday, January 22, 2006 at 1716 hours IST///// Hyderabad, January 22: Priyanka Vadra extended her support to her brother Rahul Gandhi in his efforts to fulfill the unfinished task of her late father Rajiv Gandhi in taking the country into the 21st century. //// V Hanumantha Rao, MP and close associate of the late Prime Minister, made a vociferous appeal to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi to give Rahul Gandhi responsibility of the party by inducting him in the Congress Working Committee and also appointing him a general secretary of AICC. ///// Rao said the time has come for Rahul to shoulder the responsibility of the party and lead the young generation in the party's fight against fundamentalism and communal forces. ///// When asked about the future of Priyanka Vadra, Rao said she has already extended her support and wished he (Rahul Gandhi) should one day lead the young generation of the country. ///// ===========================///// Is nobody concerned with the fact that Rahul like her mother is a CATHOLIC. How will be raise, lift and honour the Hindus? Does nobody know that his mother is ITALIAN and Rahul's own wife is COLOMBIAN, also Catholic. One is notorious for MAFIA the other for DRUGS and CRIME and PROSTITUTION. What Indian (or HINDU) culture and civilisation are they going to boost, and how will they “ennoble” the world? If the nation is not careful, soon the world will say WHAT WE ARE BEGINNING TO SEE, "India that is MINUS Lahore and Dhaka” is now ruled by "monkeys and donkeys". How will we prove them wrong with a Muslim Supreme Commander on top and the ruins of Ayodhya Temple below? Mind boggles over the Hindu collapse and even more to see that the main Hindu parties are not getting their following ready for what is about to hit Hindustan. ////// 000000000