Date: 1/21/2006


RECEIVED WISDOM. //// COPY //// Letter written to Mr. George W. Bush//// President of the United States, ///// Sir,///// India's top nuclear scientists would not be any different in TREASON and TREACHERY from Mr. AQ KHAN of Pakistan who sold nuclear secrets to LIBYA and NORTH KOREA.//// The former head of Indian nuclear programme and the current President of the country is Mr. ABDUL KALAM, a Muslim. //// As an "Indian" MUSLIM his core loyalty has to be to PAKISTAN and "Global" Islam. ///// Please issue instruictions to inspect India's nuclear programme, institutions and installations even more closely than the ones in IRAN since India appears to be a friend but in reality she is an enemy. ///// In the bogus Indian "democracy" ONE pro Muslim political party under one dynasty has ruled the country with an iron hand since 1947. India, under her corrupt rulers, has FAILED to establish a clear concept of her strategic interests and alliances, and no one (NO ONE) knows her national identity. ///// The real power rests in the hands of a semi literate ITALIAN BORN Sonia Gandhi who can be expected to be a close ally of the Muslim Supreme Commander.///// (NAME WITHHELD)//// Jan 21, 2006.//// 000000000