Date: 1/10/2006


Dear Hindu Parivar. //// Nai Varsh Abhinandan Sub kaamnaye. //// Prem Namaste.//// First I must also welcome Evelyn to the Group who has brought some refreshing thoughts. //// I am grossly disturbed by many of the articles and information, though informative, are only reactive.//// I am an NRI whose grand parents was indentured in the 1987. Third generation thereafter, and after fighting off lucrative offer from Christians missionaries and Muslims promid se of beautiful girls and wealth if I become a muslim, I am proud that after 169 years of grand parents leaving India that I am a proud Hindu. ///// I began visiting India yearly since the 19 72 and I was disturbed by the lack of knowledge and faith in the Hindu Religion by many who claimed to be Hindu. Nearly every one was pre-occupied with western values and custom save and except the poorer class of people who I considered to be real Hindus. At least they greet you with gentle smile and Namaste. ///// I know that many of you all would find this disturbing if not insulting. Before you develop that frame of mind I ask you to be introspective in yoourself and then ask what you really want India to be. ///// At this stage I must tell that I subsequently married an Indian From Mathura the birth place of Yogiji Raj lord Krishna.- the most dirtiest place I have seen from where worshipers goeas to from all over the world. Yes it is Hindus that are the MLA's and Councillors. So do not blame this on Muslims or Christians.///// Yes My recent conflict of mind whenever I meet my In-laws who now lives in Delhi ,I asked if they can introduce me to an honest Indian. Hard to find. Even the Swamis and Hindu Priests are corrupt. Yes I know them because I have been associated with them for over 40 years. I export from India so I visit India once or twice a year.///// I am not going to injure your feelings any more with sbtle insults but I want to be positive.///// Evelyn Gill in a recent note wrote "WHAT CAN WE DO?" not one of you came out with an assertive answer. ///// I have many friends in India and have been instrumental with Swami Agnivesh to set up the Mukti Ashram in 1981. A good effort but What a slippery Swami he turns out to be all in the name of want to get into Paliament and destroying the Arya Prathidini Sabha and the Sarvadeshik Arya Prathidini Sabha.///// I purposely went o India to set up a ginger group to meet the challenge of " SAVING MOTHER INDIA AND EXPOSING THE MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN WELL PLANNED AND EXECUTED PROGRAMME" ///// This came about after I read The Long March Of Islam by RK Ohri. ///// Nearly all in the group had good ideas. Mayank Jain who made the Film "THE BANGLA CRESCENT" did a good job there. but it is only a film that exposes probably hoping that it would awaking the HIdus. But did it after been shown on Sudarshan TV the answer is no. ///// On agreement that I established a website for them and the ginger group which must be registered outside India for fear of the ANTI HINDU Muslim-Christiam Government of Mohamed Mohan Singh and the back seat Driver Nafiza Sania Gandhi.intervention. ///// I eve offerred part of my property in Delhi at nominal rent to be used for co-ordinating and facillitating the group and website. ///// Since establising the website and paid two years fees in advance with enthusiasm from some members of the group in October 2005 nothing has been heard from them.///// What I am really saying LETS STOP PONTIFICATING, PROCRASTINATING AND BERATING.///// It is time for being pro-active rather than re-active. Assertive and Fearless.///// The group had a 10 point Plan of action and one of the idea was to start a Ginger Group called "BHARAT NATIONAL CONGRESS" . There are many reasons for this name which will evenually become a political real HINDUTVA PARTY///// We must not fool ourselves that Viswa Hindu Parishad has failed. It is seen as a Brahminical Party. BJP otherwise know as Bhuto-Jinnah Party after Lashar Advani fiascohas also failed us. RSS is divided.///// Where do we go from here///// Firstly if any one is willing to operate the website then phone Mr. RK Ohri (Retired IPS Officer) on Delhi 2614 2277 or 516 63278 or Sandhya Jain who writes for Hindu Group or Mayank Jain on 0090 10 116 814 or 5563 3675. and feed me back the out come.///// Secondly we were going to employed a Vakil (advocate the name of the reputable advocate Mr. Lekhi daughter was suggested. Here we were going to File a PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION IN THE HIGH COURT AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT CREATING 1001 CHARGES FOR BEING ANTI HINDU AND ANTI MOTHER INDIA. ///// Thirdly to establish a charter to organise Hindu youths and set out a five point unchangeable NIYAM (RULES) one being ONE NATION ONE INDIA ONE CIVIL CODE.///// THE CODE WOULD BE SAVE MOTHER INDIA.///// I must end now and would develop this theme later when I hear from serious people who really want to save Hidustan. ///// I am waitin eagerly my phone number iss 0044 208 200 0931. I am due to come to INDIA when is in the planning stage.///// Pranaam and I appologise if I hurt any one's feeling.//// Deva Sarras Samaroh.i///// 000000000