Date: 1/9/2006


The ONE BILLION HINDUS may wish to be informed of the deadly implications of this visit, not only for the DEFEATED and the DEMORALISED Hindus but also eventually for the Sikhs, who vacated West Punjab in utmost disgrace within days in 1947. In the same year the HINDUS evacuated not one but FIVE provinces overnight. //// Here are some reasons for alarm over his visit: //// Saudi Arabia is a FUNDAMENTALIST RELIGIOUS STATE. Please see the wording on their FLAG and do note that their Constitution is the KORAN.//// The Royal family of Arabia is pouring millions of dollars for CONVERSION in leaderless, headless, Sikh killing/Hindu bashing, decomposing PARTITIONED India (you may call it BROKEN BHARAT since it is minus Lahore, Sialkot, Gujranwala and RAwalpindi now). //// India, since the day of her fragmentation in 1947, has not dared to send a HINDU ambassador, leave aside a SIKH, to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. That country REFUSES to accept them- quite an INSULT to the proud Sikhs, if you are one. //// While Saudi Arabia can export millions of copies of Koran to Hindustan, a Sikh arriving at any airport in Arabia can be arrested and deported within minutes for possessing a small Gutka (holy scripture). The fate of a Hindu taking a copy of Gita in his suitcase will be even worse. Many have been beaten, locked up or thrashed soundly just as in Uganda, Fiji, Kabul, South Kashmir and East Bengal.//// Saudi Arabia is funding the construction of MOSQUES in our East Punjab and all over in the decomposing secular Hindustan while she does not allow even a tiny gurdwara, mandir or church on its own soil. Should India welcome a man who considers the Indians "niggers" if not the scum of mankind? //// While India will lay on a RED CARPET for him to please and appease her own MUSLIM President, we will look very inferior to the rest of the world who know the POLITICS of sub continent a lot better than we ourselves.//// During and after his short stay in BROKEN BHARAT (PARTITIONED INDIA), there will be thousands of conversions of impoverished secular and nishkam sewak natives to ISLAM accelerating the advent of another era of Islamic rule in Hindustan. //// That rule is already well established in North Kashmir, Lahore and Karachi, etc.. India despite her atom bombs dare not recapture even one square inch of that "Islamic" territory that was "India" until August 15, 1947. //// If this means little to the Hindus and Sikhs, then they are welcome to call the absurd, immoral, ludicrous and ridiculous PARTITION of PUNJAB, BENGAL and INDIA "Independence", and they are also welcome to see honourable EAST Bengal as a sovereign State called Bangladesh while accepting the slavery of our own suppressed EAST Punjab with her capital on UNION Territory. //// The esteemed contributor xxxxxxxxxxxx (below) must have pre-supposed some awareness of such matters on the part of honourable members of this List with regard to resurgent Islam and the "dying and decomposing" Hindu India that will feel mighty honoured like the rabbits welcoming a wolf in their pasture. //// We can only pray that the majority community (Hindus) may muster guts to raise their own Temple in Ayodhya and invite their own Muslim PRESIDENT (Mr Abdul Kalam) to inaugurate it in the spirit of secularism. //// At present Mr. Abdul Kalam, the SUPREME COMMANDER of Armed Forces of India, has issued an ultimatum to the entire Hindu nation of ONE BILLION, "You dare show up in Ayodhya. I will blow your heads off." //// Perhaps you will now see what the writer below meant. //// ================= //// XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote: Dear Members, I understand that on 26th January, the King of Saudi Arabia will be the Guest of Honour at Delhi Parade. Who invited him and if this is the right choice? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx//// .............000000000