Date: 12/27/2005


HOW LONG WILL THE ALLIES STAY IN IRAQ? //// Please re-frame the question like this: "How long will the FORCES OF SECULAR BLOC stay in the ISLAMIC BLOC?" //// Answer: Until the FREE & SECULAR world achieves one or more of the following objectives: //// Phase I: All those dictators (of ISLAMIC Republics, or those with the word "ALLAH" in their flags), who challenge the existence of ISRAEL, are toppled or removed. //// Phase ii: The brutal "Jehadi" AXIS Powers working against KAFIR, PIG and SECULARISM are made toothless and harmless. //// It is hoped that after suffering humiliating defeats and immense material losses some sense will be knocked into the heads and brains of the "BLIND BELIEVERS" to see that KORAN is the work of an autocratic individual, or a smart group of individuals with very unkind and intolerant view of human society, and, therefore, can be amended, that is, one can delete a word here or add a comma there. //// Finally it is hoped that severe measures taken against the "Blind Believers" and hard punishment by the Allies will make them understand that the word "Kafir" offends the Kafirs, the idea of FOUR WIVES offends the women and converting Pagans to Islam degrades the Pagans.//// That is why the Supreme Commander of the United States armed forces, the only armed forces on earth that can take on the DARK GIANT, declared, "War on GLOBAL Terrorism will take a long time to win." //// So, let PARTITIONED India immediately join this war with the Spirit that was NOT to be seen when ONE THIRD of her (secular) territory was surrendered unconditionally in 1947, and later North Kashmir, too. //// If this war against Global Terrorism is lost, then what is left of India after the surrender of 1947, will also VANISH from the map (like Lahore) and enter DARK AGE. //// To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow.//// ............................000000000