Date: 12/22/2005


In a message dated 21/12/2005 07:02:27 GMT Standard Time, XXX writes: London Students Join Schoolbag Appeal for Bagh Schoolchildren 400 schoolbags filled with goodies for Bagh schoolchildren UNITED SIKHS Base Camp: Garhi Habib Ullah, Pakistan Camp Coordinator: Gurvinder Singh ============================================== Very commendable. Now I request all the Sikhs to insist on a survey of all the schools in EAST PUNJAB, to find out- How may have computers and are on Internet; How many high school pupils have even seen a computer at school; How many TEACHERS know how to send an e-mail; How many schools have libraries and books in them that were bought within the last TEN years; How many children come barefoot or walk two miles on foot to get to school. How many teachers are qualified to teach and get salaries regularly every monthy and How many children go hungry through the day because of POVERTY of their parents. While in Pakistan on goodwill mission, would your volunteers be able to find out as to how many children there are the offspring of the abducted Sikh girls and women during 1947 when North Kashmir was invaded and OCCUPIED by Pakistan? The survey might show that SOME of these children in earthquake zone are actually BETTER OFF than many SIKH school going children in Bharat. .......................000000000