Date: 12/12/2005


Sonia is thief of Aamer Fort treasury. The treasury was looted by Sanjay & Indira Gandhi during emergency. The treasury has yet claimed 3 lives viz. Sanjay, Indira and Rajiv. Ultimately the treasury would kill Sonia, Priyanka and Rahul too. It would ultimately be devoured by the custodian bankers and Christian rulers.//// We Bharatiyas, whose treasury is this, would be ultimate losers. //// Aryavrt Government seeks support of human race in the repatriation of the treasury in Bharat. It would make Bharat golden bird overnight even after clearing all the debts of the world.//// It has yet another advantage. Sonia is Cathlic. She is in Bharat to slay non-Christians simply because non Christians do not accept Jesus their king. (Bible, Luke 19:27). //// Those, who wish to survive have no option than supporting Aryavrt Government. //// On Sat, 10 Dec 2005 Bharat wrote : > FYI. There are some interesting feedbacks. AFTER NATWAR, WHO SHOULD RESIGN? > The Iraq Oil for food scam seems to reach all the way to Sonia >Gandhi. > Natwar Singh, his son Jagjit Sigh, His relative Anandi Sehgal >and Reliance Petrolium did their job as courier-- a bag carrier >in Oil for food program (OFP) for Congress President Sonia >Gandhi. They are becoming scapegoat on the process of Save Sonia >Campaign. > > Trimurti - Sonia Gandhi, Quatrochi & Formigoni all are >Catholic Christians Italians > In the past Sonia Gandhi saved her boy friend Quatrochi >successfully. > > There is a link between Oil Scam and Nexus between KGB Spy >Sonia Gandhi, Quatrochi & Formigoni. I recall my comment, which >have been published in various newspapers of June 19, 2005 >including: >.............000000000