Date: 12/12/2005


It is quite sad how the world is ignorant to the sufferings that Hindus have had to endure for over 900 years. //// It is a lesser known fact that over 80 million Hindu's were killed by Muslim "Conquistadors" during the campaigns of blood thirsty Muslims such as Aurengazeb. Many Muslim rulers in India even made it a yearly quota to kill over a 100,000 Hindus. Muslims destoryed over 60,000 temples in India and built over 5000 mosques over these sites. And now Muslims constantly bicker when someone even touches a Mosque. Just look at the Babir Masjid incident. //// Muslims in India constantly complain that they are not given enough rights. Tell me, which Muslim country even gives Hindus one religous right. Pakistan has just either kicked out or killed Hindus. Bangladesh (bloody traitors) have only destroyed the entire Hindu population. This happens while Muslims enjoy a whole specialized law system created for them in India. ///// If Muslims are unhappy with how they are being treated in India, than by all means, they should leave. Pakistan is just across the border and Saudi Arabia is only a couple hours journey across the Arabian Sea. //// ////000000000