Date: 11/28/2005


COPY OF LETTER TO Editor, Sunday Telegraph, London. /// THE PLIGHT OF CELLAR GIRLS/// Sir, /// We praise your courage and farsighted political correctness in highlighting the “plight of the cellar girls” in this so-called civilized Britain (Sunday Telegraph, November 27, 2005, p. 1). /// The fact is that it is neither a decent Britain now, nor an honourable one. It is Tony Blair’s Britain. It is Labour Britain. It is Britain heading towards incompetence, chaos and anarchy. It is going along the route of appeasement like the England of Chamberlaine in 1930’s./// In dark Middle Ages, when India was at the mercy of Muslim invaders and predators from Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan, native HINDU girls were snatched and abducted by force and carted off to Kabul, Kandahar and Ghazni to be stripped naked and auctioned in public. Many were kept in dark cellars and caves for sexual gratification of their captors. (Quote: “The Sunday Telegraph finds young women hidden in concrete bunkers by Albanian sex gangs, ready to be sold to countries including Britain.” (Unquote). You refrained from defining the “Albanians” who are MUSLIMS of Turkish origin. /// The Hindus in India, led by cowards and holy men, were disunited and could not defend their daughters and sisters from the barbarians (712, through to 1192, right up to 1947, and to date). /// It was SIKH Resistance in the Punjab then that parted company with the cowardly decomposing Hindu nation in order to block the routes of Muslim invaders to rescue the girls. In today’s decadent, (morally) decomposing, Labour Britain the Sikh SWORD is blunt. The onus now lies on the British POLICE and PUBLIC instead, to rescue these wretched girls, doomed to sex slavery. /// What is the nature of this new but rapidly increasing breed of racketeers, seducers, abductors, rapists and drug pushers? If they are lumped under the word “ASIAN”, we need to ask, “What element of the vast and varied Asian world?” Is it not time at last to EXPOSE this evil element to raise public awareness, especially of girls at schools and universities? /// It is the MUSLIM element that bombed the tubes and wrecked the bus in London on July 7, and we fear, will poison the water supply of a town, explode a nuclear device, set off more bombs, assassinate public figures, push more drugs into hands of children, seduce and abduct more girls, and destroy prominent public buildings and centres of trade. /// We urge the media to discard the BURQA of “political correctness” and add the word “MUSLIM” or “MOHAMMEDAN” every time they use the misleading non denominational terminology like “Albanians”, “Pakistanis”, “Turks”, “Somalis”, “gang masters”, “pimps”, “drug barons”, “mafia”, “Bangladeshis” and so on./// Finally, why is the nature of British society being altered so radically and suddenly in favour of Islam? Why are the feelings and fears of the rest of society being ignored? /// We are sure the government is not so naïve or ignorant about the real nature of this “Islamic time bomb” that is being presented to us wrapped up in soft silk and cuddly cotton. /// It was Labour Party in power in 1947 that destroyed the world’s largest democracy in order to create the world’s largest ISLAMIC country on earth after giving death blow to Secularism and multicultural of India in 1947. /// Clement Attlee’s government must have recorded somewhere for posterity, “We deliberately set the Islamic wolves free in West Punjab and East Bengal and saw them pounce upon the non Muslims immediately. These bloodthirsty beasts in human form did a thorough ethnic cleansing of minorities, killing at least TWO MILLION and abducting and raping at least five times the number of helpless females that were raped by the advancing Soviet troops in Poland and Germany during 1944 and 1945.” /// So why is Labour Party of today letting in the same Muslim Fifth Column that is ideologically at odds with the Christian values? Why is the Muslim image being cultivated and elevated in the UNITED Kingdom by its ruling party? If one is to go by the tragedy of India, then this country, too, will not remain UNITED for long./// Today we have reached the low point where if the Muslims ask the government and other public bodies and authorities to jump, the latter ask, “:How high?” /// In every aspect of life, from Education to Health and Social services, the Muslims are asked to state or “dictate” their special needs and requirements that are at odds with those of other “Asians”. /// During the days when Muslims were “breaching defences” and entering this country by all means, sea, lorry, train and air, Immigration and Police officers were hard put to test, to keep Britian Muslim free. What an irony, the man chosen for guarding the entry points and interests of this nation was a BLIND Mr. David Blunkett whose personal life is shattered to the point of being wretched and pathetic, calling for pity. /// Who would have the courage to say, “Muslims are not only here to stay but also to breed and eventually force the indigenous Christians and other non Muslims OUT. /// The Muslims are here to multiply rapidly and thus ruin the quality of life for all, not only for themselves. The Muslims are here to demand more and more concessions and, using their collective clout, intimidate the media, the government, the police forces and the non Muslims, even the Church of England. Today only one radical Islamic group has declared the Queen to be infidel, fit for assassination. Tomorrow it will be the lot. The Pakistani suicide gang leader was not speaking on that video for himself alone. He was as true and loyal to his own family as the Jihadi in Dublin who sent his wife to Israel with a bomb in her suitcase. /// The Muslims are also here to control Britain’s foreign policy and ultimately challenge the Act of Succession which bars a Catholic AND A MUSLIM from becoming the Sovereign of this country. /// Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of Islam and Koran can see that the HIGH TREASON committed by Labour Governemnt in letting them all in, will cost this country very dearly one day. /// Parliament in London had to demand that the words “Kafir” and “Infidel” be deleted from the copies of Koran that are imported or read in this country. Any curses on the pig and derogatory remarks about women, too, had to be removed from their holy book. It is because of such outmoded and offensive tribal terminology and the lewd description of paradise that most non Muslims regard the Koran as unholy, if not the warmongering Book of Hatred./// Please look at the largest democracy on earth. In PARTITIONED India where a Mohammedan, Abdul Kalam, occupies two top posts of President and Supreme Commander, the world can see the wretched plight of the nation that has pandered to every wish & whim of its indigenous Muslim population. One Muslim “bull” seems to be riding ONE BILLION native Hindu “cows. May the manly British people never let such a despicable scenario repeat here. And if we don’t relish the idea of Britain becoming the “concubine” of Islam, then bold action on the part of patriots is called for NOW. /// Muslims being separatist, and potentially disruptive, aggressive and savage, your esteemed readers would surely like to know their numbers in England once every year. With the Muslims approaching 40 per cent of the population, civil war or partition will become inevitable./// Increasing Muslim numbers are very bad news for the non Muslim host nations who accommodate, feed and nourish them, only to be partitioned, if not destroyed, in the end. /// We would expect the British people to be vigilant, to guard their secular (Christian) foundations and defend them, and “catch the Islamic bull by its horns” and toss it beyond the sea. /// Thank you./// ==================================/// ..........................000000000