Article 2482

Date: 11/26/2005


Islam is a Riot/// by Burt Prelutsky/// 22 November 2005 /// France made the mistake of throwing open its doors 40 years ago to cheap /// Arab and African workers, and came to discover, to its dismay, that the children and grandchildren of those original immigrants, don't care for the French any more than the rest of us do. /// It is easy to blame the French for not integrating the Muslims in French society as since in France they are the only immigrant group -- so there is no comparison. But look at the UK and statistics there. Forget about integrating people from outside into the culture they have migrated into, what about the Muslims who are descendants of the local people -- like in Indian subcontinent? How much "integrated' are they with their parent culture? Ever heard of Tabligh Jamaat?/// Its sole purpose is to remove any preIslamic culture they might have continued to practice after embracing Islam./// As far as backwardness is concerned --/// _ ( /// _http://vinod11220.tripod.com_ ( ...000000000