Date: 11/18/2005


Why are we like this? (Read posting below),/// Because centuries of slavery have changed our GENETIC make up. /// What was our INDEPENDENCE was in fact the unconditional surrender of ONE THIRD of India where the HINDUS became slaves again./// Claiming that Gandhi and Nehru chased the British out, we are now licking the foot of ITALIAN born Sonia Khan. If she is not a plunderer looter EUROPEAN then what is she?/// Having conceded all those vast territories to INDIAN MUSLIMS, we have and accept a PAKISTANI under the name of ABDUL KALAM. /// Our armed forces swear loyalty to him. They swear loyalty to their ideological ENEMY. A Musalmaan, however "lamb like" or "joker like", can, BY DEFINITION, never be secular. chhi, chhi chhi (SPIT ON ALL THE GENERALS of INDIAN ARMY) !!/// We lack conviction in our native RELIGIONS so much that none dares to commend Hindu religion to Abdul lest we get spit or abuse in return. /// Our TOP MAN Abdul loves Sanskrit, reads Gita, eats vegetarian, but ask him to become a HINDU and shed his ARABIC name? O NO. He might give us the most insulting reply. /// The truth may well be that being a MUSALMAAN, BEIMAAN, SHAITAAN, HAIWAAN, he may have eyes on the day when the Muslims reoccupy Delhi and fly their ISLAMIC flag. Then he will say, "You see, I was always loyal to Islam." /// There are countless instances of such TREACHERY on the part of Muslims in our land of perishing PAGANS, KAFIRS AND INFIDELS. /// But we have always remained, and are still, ignorant of the ENEMY. /// 18 Nov 05/// =======================/// Single answer to all the questions .../// 1. What are the drawbacks in general? /// 2. Why we can't unite HIndu samaj? What are the reasons?/// 3. Why we can't fight terrorism effectively? Be it Islamist or Naxalite-Maoits-Leftists?/// 4. Why we can't declare our nation as HIndu Rastra and make HInduism and State Religion?/// Because we like to be ruled than rule. /// Because we are divided than united./// Because we like to be sc@@@@d than sc@#@#./// Because we like to be looted than to loot. /// Why are we like this..... /// B'cause, we are trained to be like this since ages.... /// ...........................000000000