Date: 11/5/2005


5 November 2005/// =============/// REMMEBER, REMEMBER, THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER!/// “What is happening in PARIS today will happen in London tomorrow,” said a naïve Briton. He was soon corrected, “NO my dear chap, what happened in London on July 7, IS HAPPENING NOW in Paris.” (Hats off to the one who understands Islam in Europe). /// REMEMBER DANIEL PEARL?/// /// REMEMBER VAN GOGH OF BELGIUM?/// REMEMBER TASLEEMA NASREEN OF BANGLADESH (INDIRA GANDHI’S BASTARD CHILD, TRULY A BOGUS DESH) WHO IS ON THE RUN FROM ISLAM, “THE RELIGION OF PEACE” AS PER LABOUR PARTY PRIME MINISTER, TONY BLAIR, THE SAME LABAOUR PARTY THAT WAS “PARTY TO ABSURD PARTITION OF INDIA AND THE GREAT MASSACRES AND EXODUS ON SUB CONTINENT IN 1947? /// REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN THERE WERE HAPPY HINDUS WHO FELT SAFE IN LAHORE, SYLHET, QUETTA, KARACHI AND NORTH KASHMIR? /// REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN THERE WAS NO PROVOCATIVE ARABIAN MOHAMMEDAN FLAG FLYING OVER THE SIKH SACRED CITY OF NANKANA SAHIB?/// REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN INVADER MAHMOOD FROM GHAZNI (1025) STOOD BEFORE THE GATES OF GLORIOUS SOMNATH TEMPLE AND ORDERED IT TO BE DESTROYED COMPLETELY?/// REMEMBER THE DAY WHEN INVADER BABUR STOOD BEFORE THE MAGNIFICENT TEMPLE IN AYODHYA (1526) AND ORDERED HIS MUJAHIDEEN, “RAZE IT TO GROUND.”? /// REMEMBER THE UNPROVOKED MASSACRE OF HINDUS IN NOAKHALI DISTRICT OF BENGAL IN AUGUST 1946? /// REMEMBER THE TWO HARMLESS MAGNIFICENT UNIQUE WORKS OF CRAFTSMANSHIP, THE BUDDHA STATUES IN BAMYAN, THAT WERE AN EYESORE AND PAIN IN THE “A*SE” TO MOHAMMED’S “HARAAMI AULAAD” IN KABUL? /// REMEMBER THE MOUNTAIN RANGE THAT IS STILL CALLED HINDUKUSH? SUPREME COMMANDER ABDUL KALAM, PRESIDENT OF CAPTIVE HINDUSTAN, IS NOT PERTURBED AT ALL OVER SUCH GRAVE INSULT TO HIS HINDU SUBJECTS WHO ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO KISS HIS FOOT AND EAT IFTAR WITH HIS TOILET CLEANERS.) /// REMEMBER THE MUTILATION AND PARTITION OF INDIA WITHOUT REFERENDUM, CHALLENGE OR FIGHT IN 1947?/// REMEMBER THE RAPE OF KASHMIR IN 1947 AND 1989?/// REMEMBER THE TERROR OF HOME GROWN ISLAMIC “BASTARDS” IN AYODHYA THAT PREVENTS THE SRI RAM TEMPLE COMING UP IN ITS ORIGINAL GLORY? /// REMEMBER THE ATTACKS ON INDIA’S PARLIAMENT (OF “BABOONS, MONKEYS & DONKEYS”, ADORING SONIA KHAN FROM ITALY AND ABDUL KALAM FROM “ARABIA”), AND NOW THE LATEST ATTACK (OCTOBER 29, 2005) THAT KILLED OVER 60 IN SAROJINI NAGAR AND PAHAR GANJ SUBURBS OF NEW DELHI? /// REMEMBER THE INVASION OF CUPRUS IN 1974?/// REMEMBER THE BASLAN SIEGE AND MASSACRE OF SEPTEMBER 2004? ( REMEMBER THE MASSACRE IN MOSCOW THEATER? /// REMEMBER THE “WAH-HAYAAT” OBSCENE, BOGUS AND ARTIFICIALLY CREATED PROVOCATIVE AND SEPARATIST ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN THAT WAS CREATED BY IMPERIAL DESIGN IN 1947 ON THE SOIL OF SECULAR AND DEMOCRATIC INDIA?/// REMEMBER THE BRUTAL MURDER OF TWO LITTLE SONS OF GURU GOBIND SINGH JI AND HOW THEY WERE PUT TO DEATH? /// (SHAME IF YOU DIDN’T DRAW ANY CONCLUSION ABOUT THE NATURE OF ISLAM AND KORAN FROM THAT BRUTAL TRAGEDY!)/// REMEMBER THE THOUSANDS OF HELPLESS FEMALES ABDUCTED, VIOLATED, RAPED AND GANG-RAPED IN PAKISTAN IN 1947?/// REMEMBER THE ORGY OF LOOT, MURDER AND RAPE IN KASHMIR SINCE 1989? /// REMEMBER THE CHURCHES SET ON FIRE IN RAWALPINDI AND KARACHI?/// REMEMBER THE KIDNAPPED FOREIGN TOURISTS AND THE BEHEADING OF THE NORWEGIAN IN KASHMIR BY FOLLOWERS OF MOHAMMED, THE SAVAGE?/// REMEMBER THE DESTRUCTION OF TWO WORLD TRADE CENTRE TOWERS IN NEW YORK AND THE ATTACK ON PENTAGON IN WASHINGTON IN 2001?/// REMEMBER THE MASSACRE OF THE INNOCENT IN LONDON ON JULY 7, 2005? /// NOW LOOK AT PARIS BURNING (NOVEMBER 5, 2005), AND FOR GOD’S SAKE ASK KOFI ANAN AT UNITED NATIONS TO DECLARE, “ISLAM IS AN IDEOLOGY THAT IS A FAR BIGGER WORLD MENACE THAN THE NAZI IDEOLOGY THAT STARTED WORLD WAR 2 AND THREATENED TO ENSLAVE THE WHOLE WORLD.”/// ------------------------------------------/// Shots fired in ninth night of riots/// Gunmen fired shots into a vandalised bus as riots erupted in Paris suburbs for a ninth consecutive night on Friday. The trouble spread as troublemakers set a warehouse ablaze and stoned rescuers aiding someone who had fallen sick, police said. Vehicles and buildings were torched in three regions: to the northwest and to the east of the French capital and as far away as Lille, 140 miles north of the French capital. It was the second night that unrest was reported outside the Paris region./// A police officer at an Interior Ministry operations centre tracking the unrest said that bullets were fired into the vandalised bus in Sarcelles, north of Paris. Bullets were fired four times two days ago, signalling a potentially dangerous turn of events./// A warehouse was set ablaze in Aubervilliers, on the northern edge of Paris, and a fire was lit in an underground parking lot in the suburb of Persan, to the northwest./// Youths prevented firefighters from evacuating a sick person from a block of flats in the city of Meaux, east of Paris, pelting them with stones and torching the awaiting ambulance. At least four cars were set afire in Lille-Sud, just south of the centre of Lille./// Roving gangs set alight more than 500 vehicles in Thursday night's lawlessness./// ----------------------------------------------------------/// Shots fired as Paris riots continue/// Bands of youths torched cars, warehouses and a nursery school early on Saturday in a ninth night of violence in the suburbs of Paris and beyond./// French authorities appealed for calm in the face of the unprecedented streak of rioting./// Troublemakers fired bullets into a vandalised bus, set a warehouse ablaze, burned 44 cars in a lot in Suresnes, just west of Paris, and, in a malevolent turn, stoned rescuers helping someone who had fallen ill, police said./// Incidents, mainly fires, were reported in the northern city of Lille, in Toulouse, in the south west, Rouen, in the west and elsewhere - the second night that the unrest spread beyond metropolitan Paris./// An incendiary device was tossed at the wall of a synagogue in Pierrefitte, north west of Paris, where electricity went out after a burning car damaged an electrical pole./// By midnight, scores of vehicles were torched around France, but no clear picture would be available before daybreak, an interior ministry operations centre tracking the violence said./// Roving gangs had set more than 500 vehicles ablaze 24 hours earlier, officials said./// Officials in the Yvelines region west of Paris said at least 60 vehicles were torched and a nursery school was all but burned to the ground./// Thirty mayors from the Seine-Saint-Denis region, where the unrest started on October 27, met on Friday to issue a joint appeal for calm. Claude Pernes, mayor of Rosny-sous-Bois, denounced a "veritable guerrilla situation, urban insurrection" that has taken hold. Marches to call for calm were planned on Saturday in several suburbs./// The violence started after the accidental electrocution of two teenagers who believed police were chasing them in Seine-Saint-Denis./// ===============/// Muslim Graves Desecrated in Birmingham/// Police, community leaders and politicians are calling for calm after the desecration of a Muslim burial plot close to the scene of violent clashes between black and Asian youths./// The "senseless'' vandalism at Birmingham's Handsworth Cemetery, which comes less than two weeks after rioting in the neighbouring Lozells area and coincides with the festival of Eid, was described by the local MP as a "deliberate and calculated'' attempt to stir up further racial violence./// Khalid Mahmood, the Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, told the Press Association: "This was a heinous attempt to inflame tensions in the community and I don't think the community will rise to that bait.''/// It is understood that photocopies of a hand-written leaflet were left in the cemetery, making an apparent reference to an alleged sexual assault which sparked the Lozells riots and claiming that the vandalism was the work of the "Black Nation''. /// "The community has got to understand that this has been deliberate vandalism to further inflame tensions./// "I am very grateful for the support of all the other communities in condemning this mindless vandalism.''/// The MP went on: "I don't think this is the action of anybody in the local Afro-Caribbean community./// "This has been done by people from the outside, particularly to inflame the tensions that have been there for the last couple of weeks./// "I would urge the community not to take the bait and keep this as an isolated incident by people who want to create further disharmony amongst our community in Perry Barr and Handsworth.''/// Many of the headstones had already been re-erected after the incident, which is being treated as racially aggravated criminal damage./// Birmingham City Council's Cabinet Member for Transportation and Street Services, Councillor Len Gregory, said: "We are saddened at such senseless vandalism and our immediate concern is to re-establish the headstones in their rightful place.''/// Mr Gregory added: "We will be arranging for the headstones to be put back in place as quickly as possible and making contact with all the registered grave owners to inform them of the damage.'' A police spokesman said: "The council cleared away some literature found at the cemetery which will be forensically examined.''/// Speaking at West Midlands Police headquarters, Supt Tom Coughlan disclosed that officers were speaking to families affected by the desecration./// Mr Coughlan told reporters: "We are appealing for calm./// "The purpose of this damage was racially aggravated. Clearly there is tension in the community and that was seen in the events over the last two weeks./// "I have always said that I believe those problems were caused by a few with real criminal intent - I think what we have seen overnight is exactly the same./// "We are working with the local authority to reassure victims and they are working hard to get the cemetery back to normal.''/// There will be a large police presence in the Lozells area in a bid to quell any possible disturbances. The Lozells area was the scene of fierce clashes between black and Asian youths in October following a series of demonstrations by members of the black community angry about rumours of a sex attack on a 14-year-old girl from Jamaica./// Police inquiries failed to trace the youngster, who was said to have been raped at a shop by a large number of Asian men, or to find any evidence to support the claims./// .............................000000000