Date: 10/27/2005


The system in India is highly deficient.First a constable in india cannot be given powers like this.His accountability is non existant in law.In indian society full of corruption a constable can easily harass anyone and extort money if such powers are given at such low levels.Here in India a wife will always lie in favor of her husband./// It is amzing that wife of a person knowing fully well about corruption money earned by her husband not only overlooks it but enjoys it.Is it not logical to bok spouse of a govt officer also under corruption prevention Act and other laws?/// Secondly the legal system is too long winded,sick and non delivering.It is more of harassment for years,drama and rhetoric rather than intention of dspensing justice. /// The common man if refuses to pay bribe will have to park his scooter there.It will be dragged to police yard.He would visit there 2-3 times.He will be harassed and again asked money there also.Some parts may be found missing( Majority of police stations are theft centres). /// He has to go to court where dates will be given (provided he can find where is court handling that case)and finally a fine of Rs 50 or 100 will be imposed by magistrate./// To avouid all this the person ends up paying money./// It is overall failure of morality in society and very poorly designed and inefficient judicial systems in india that force us to surrender to corruption. /// If a citizen sends complaint against a police officer to higher one.Nothing happens.Complaint is never acknowledged or its result is never sent back to complainant.The officials behave as if it is only one way relatiosnhip and they are masters.The senior officers are more corrupt than lower ones.arrogant too.No action is taken by them against each other ,senior or junior. /// There is no mechanism to take action against public servants except for departmental enquiry which are always sham.Unless it is very very serious offense and media and higher authorities are seizend with the issue./// What is therefore important is to make public complaints mandatory for action and reply.Eminent citizens should be involved in District level grievance committees to be setup to hear compaints about all kinds of public servants including judges and magistrates and be disposed off in time bound manner. They should be given powers to recommend termination abnd impose fines and compensation. Council is to be formed on same lines as consumer courts.while there is tribunal for govt servants ,there is no forum against govt srvants./// After 10 years of service any government servant should be allowed to work only after reviewing performance, conduct and nature of complaints received against employee from citizens or related parties to his/her work. /// We have to amend constitution and civil services rules to remove concept of permanency of government Jobs in its present form? Why the public servants be permanent?/// At every grievance mechanism to be set up in district to national level ,panel of eminent citizens,NGOs, academicians and retired judges should be formed to review working of each class I officer and not merely ACR written by another more senior and more corrupt officer only be considered as criterion.This is funadamental defect in our administration system today. /// Right of Information Act shoud be again amended to incorporate a clause that every complaint received by any officer against any public servant should be manadatory processed and reply of outcome sent to complainant with detailed reasons in 90 days period.A copy be put in that officer's personal service record file.Citizens feedback shall form most important criteria for retention in service and promotions.Why just a bloody minister or MLA should decide who will be promoted? Merely on his whims and the ACR of just one boss of the civil servant?who himself is corrupt? /// ..........................000000000