Date: 10/27/2005


From The Hindu, Oct 27, 2005 /// "Israel should be wiped off the map, says Iranian President" /// "Iran's hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday openly called for Israel to be `wiped off the map'.....`As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map,' said Mr. Ahmadinejad, referring to Iran's revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.....`The Islamic umma (community) will not allow its historic enemy to live in its heartland.....Anyone who signs a treaty which recognises the entity of Israel means he has signed the surrender of the Muslim world'." /// Surely the same principle applies equally forcefully for us kafirs for whom Islam has been and still is an active "historic enemy"? Recall that the recent Mau killings are in an increasingly islamicised area that includes Ghazipur. We kafirs in our own land still allow names such as "Ghazipur", "Ghazikot" and "Ghaziabad" (or, for that matter, "Hindu Kush"). A "ghazi" is an "infidel slayer", a killer of kafirs. When will we overcome our dhimmitude? /// ========================/// The answers to the question in the end (above) is:/// When we put our RELIGION in Constitution. /// When we RECOGNISE (as per Constitution) that India is PARTITIONED on account of MUSLIM high treason, and not "Akhand". /// When we UPROOT and throw out the FOREIGN "filth & rubbish" and put a COMMITTED and PROUD Hindu in the chair of President and give him the post of SUPREME COMMANDER of India's Armed Forces. /// Alternatively when at least one Hindu LEADER demands to know from public platform, "What was the condition imposed on Indian Muslims prior to conceding ONE THIRD of our TERRITORY to them in 1947?"/// When another questions, "What the HELL are the eternally treacherous Muslim bullies, with ravenous appetite for Hindu flesh and maidens, doing here after they snatched their Pakistan and exterminated the minorities there, including all the good Hindus and loyal Sikhs?" /// .........................000000000