Date: 10/17/2005


CONTRIBUTION SENT BY A SIKH READER. /// BOYCOTTING THE RSS LEADERS IN EAST PUNJAB /// Sir,/// The Sikh "lion" depended on the MAJORITY community in 1947 for its safety and survival in Lahore and joined in the fight for Akhand Bharat (united India). /// That meant our major cities like Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib would remain in India. /// The Hindu "sheep and goats" led by MAHATMA "MOUSE" collapsed, and ISLAM covered one third of Indian territory in ONE SECOND at midnight of 14/15 Aug 47./// Within days the newly created ISLAMIC state of Pakistan re-created the atmosphere of AURANGZEB, in fact, FAR WORSE. /// In the time of Aurangzeb only militant Sikhs were captured, tortured and beheaded or killed. People were still allowed to stay on in their homes even in Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi and Kashmir. /// In Pakistan the whole PEOPLE were put to sword, abducted, RAPED and EXPELLED. The extermination of Sikhs in West Punjab was complete. /// Circumspect and ignorant Sikh leaders SINCE, have not told their following the reasons behind Partition and what the rulers of India THEN thought, and NOW think, of the Sikhs. /// Due to extreme HATRED for the Sikhs, they either connive with the ENEMY when the Muslims easily overwhelm us and captures OUR territory, or they just lie in wait for some suitable occasion to launch full scale fearsome MILITARY attack (June 84) or instigate massacres throughout India as in November 84. Trials of criminals of that year are still due. /// Sikh political organisations, with zero IQ and awareness, still do not understand that the "Sarkari" smile of DELHI is temporary expediency while SIKH HATRED in their bosoms, as expressed in their Vidhan, is permanent. /// Sikhs were definitely part of Hindu nation till 1947 but when the HINDU NATION behaved on ground like jackals and donkeys, and performed like monkeys and sheep in defending Lahore, Karachi, Dhaka, North Kashmir and Sri Nankana Sahbib, they became a lump of stinking SH*T, and no Sikh should be part of such a despicable dead Hindu nation who cannot even raise their holiest Temple in Ayodhya nor re-appear in Srinagar and North Kashmir. /// In 1699 the Sikhs had parted company with the nation of JACKALS, SERVANTS, COOLIES AND SLAVES for the same reason. /// That reason is still alive and will be chasing the Sikhs till the last one is KILLED OR CONVERTED with the Hindus "monkeys" watching as in 1947 or clapping as in 1984. In the age of democracy where head count matters, there was great challenge for the Hindus to DOMINATE their territory and to keep the tiny Sikh minority SAFE. But the Hindus themselves are ON THE RUN in front of Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan. What hope for the Sikh? /// But while telling the Hindus that we are NOT part of them, we must also TELL them the reason that I have written QUITE CLEARLY and FEARLESSLY above. /// In today's world, decency and NISHKAM SEWA are taken as weakness. /// Our fine Beliefs have little to do with courage or self esteem when we see Chief Minister of East Punjab calling his truncated State "Punjab" and when we see him shamelessly ruling his subjects from UNION TERRITORY. He could have ruled them from LAHORE had we been a brave community! /// We expected him to raise the flag of sovereignty before any EAST Bengali "Bhangi" thought of doing so and also GIVING A KICK IN THE BACK OF the LOK SABHA of HINDU "BABOONS AND MULES" in Delhi who are taking orders from supreme commander ABDUL KALAM and touching the feet of bogus Mother of Nation, Italian born Sonia KHAN. /// ALAS THE DEGRADED HINDU LEADERS EXPECT THE HONOURABLE SIKHS TO BE PART OF THEIR SMASHED FAMILY. .......................000000000 ///