Date: 9/20/2005


There are 2 messages in this issue. Topics in this digest: 1. RULING "DOGS & BITCHES" OF "KHAND (BROKEN) BHARAT" ARE DEAF TO CRIES OF HINDUS From: 2. ENEMIES (SNAKE & SCORPION) AT HOME From: ______________________________________ Message: 1 Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 18:01:19 EDT Subject: RULING "DOGS & BITCHES" OF "KHAND (BROKEN) BHARAT" ARE DEAF TO CRIES OF HINDUS /// BETRAYED AND PERSECUTED HINDUS IN MOHAMMED'S BOGUSDESH (BANGLADESH) RAISE THE FLAG OF REVOLT To hand is a pamphlet entitled "history of Revolution and Emergence of Hindu Republic of Bir Bango (HRBB). (Phase 1), A press release of Government of HRBB Publications." Documentary Press Release, First Phase of Hindu Republic of Bir Bango (HRBB). Revolutionary Council and Government of Hindu Republic of Bir Bango publish this book form, First Phase of their emerging history, to propagate knowledge about their hazardous problems, history of their ongoing struggle, in spite of the blackout and apathy of vastly majority fellow Hindus in India and Nepal under secular spell, being under control of cunning and extremely communal Semitic religio-ideologues, Needless to say that our determination and activities are gaining momentum steadily increasing and surefooting. In disclosing only those papers and information which are selectively possible and permissible, and not restricted by convention, security or mutual secrecy, but which the world should be aware of. We regret that the vast Hindu majority populated neighboring nations which are surrounding Bangladesh, except Buddhist Myanmar, are not of any help in our life and death struggle against Islamic torturers who believe gleefully point out to Koranic Profess that Allah in conflicts keeps both brain and heart of infidels sealed which they see as accurately correct. We like to alley all fear of Indian politicians that we are no threat when we shall emerge as strong, free and successful nation, to cause any headache to Delhi like Sri Lankan Hindu LTT. Nor is Hindu LTT any threat to Delhi. May be, they too dislike Islam unlike Delhi, We may not expect Delhi’s cooperation but certainly we shall expect non hostility at least. Long live the Sovereign Hindu Republic of Bir Bango. ================ This is the classic case of the Mother of All, abducted by bullies and goondahs and being stretched across the butcher’s table, Gulliver style, and her children delivered to the rascals, rapists and murderers. When they try to protest, run away or revolt, their MOTHER is held down even more firmly and made to inhale gas to lie still. Her sobs and sighs are smothered by the criminals holding her down. The helpless Mother in wretched state in this case is BHARAT MAATA (Mother India). The “butchers” who have stretched her on the operation table are ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN. They have no business at all to be holding down the HINDU nation but right now they are mightier than all the Hindus put together. One is backed, openly and fearlessly, by the World of Islam and the other by the Pope. That leaves the Hindus looking up to them for mercy and a false smile. The children that were delivered to the RASCALS are the Hindus trapped in those FIVE provinces that were surrendered unconditionally to Mohammed, the Butcher, in August 1947. Hindu/Sikh children who were left to their fate or trapped in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan and Karachi are NO MORE. The few left in BOGUSdesh, a creation of Indira Khanum, are now agitating, having seen the rough and crude (barbaric and savage) edge of Islam. Do they have any hope? In their Declaration of War (they have been "struggling" for the last SIX DECADES), they condemn the apathy of the Hindu nation next door, not realising that it is UNCONSCIOUS and being made to inhale more gas of bogus secularism that quickly concedes SOVEREIGNTY to the Muslims while at the same time ignores and betrays the Hindus on the wrong side of Bandit Nehru’s borders drawn in 1947. If these trapped and PERSECUTED Hindus raise their voices louder, Supreme Commander ABDUL KALAM, even prime minister MANMOHAN SINGH, will send the Indian Army to crush them. There is precedence. When the Tamils became vocal in Sri Lanka, the BOFORS CHOR, Catholic by Faith, then prime minister of our HINDU nation, sent the Indian Army to crush them. But the Tamils had a brave hinterland called Tamil Nadu where the BOFORS CHOR was taken care of most befittingly. The Bir Bango Hindus have crushed and collapsed Bengali and Bihari Hindus on their flank and a Nepal in flames at the moment. The Bir Bango do say a word of appreciation about Myanmar but as we know the whole Western (Christian) world is relentlessly and bitterly after the life of that Buddhist country due to the fact that Sonia Khan of Bharat wants to see Sister Aung San Su Kyi in the prime minister’s chair sooner than later. So what hope for Bir Bango? In our view NIL. The fate of Hindus of Multan and the Sikhs of Rawalpindi awaits them through the vultures’ eyes. The way out: Declaration of HINDU RASHTRA to give a sense of security to the Hindus in Ayodhya and North Kashmir, the Sikhs of Ever Reducing East Punjab and the Bir Bangos of BOGUSdesh that was a vulgar gift of Indira Khan to “bhai ” Mujiburrahman in 1972, the same year in which she planned to give a damn good BLOODY NOSE to the Sikhs in 1984. “Vande Matram. Rise O Hindu Nation. Your flanks are on fire.” Our Supreme Commander is a Muslim, and our Rashtramata (imported by notorious “Maad**-Ch*d” - BOFORS CHOR) is a Catholic. God help the Bir Bango who happen to be Hindus. Was there any need for the scared and terrorised Hindus in Bangladesh to raise the flag of revolt? Should we not think of trying the real criminal and traitor Indira Khan, instead, for her High Treason of returning our own territory to Islam in 1972? She was acting on the logic of her father, who said to Mohammed Ali JINN of All-India Muslim League, "I shall give your Lahore but NOT Srinagar. Make a nuclear bomb to get it.” Despite this, our ignorant Hindu nation honoured Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru like no other leader on earth since the beginning of time. 19 September 2005. =================== ___________________________________________ Message: 2 Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 06:05:24 EDT Subject: ENEMIES (SNAKE & SCORPION) AT HOME /// ENEMIES AT HOME So-called mahatma MK Gandhi converted to ISLAM. Here is what one patriot wrote. (Quote) In one of the mails I read that Mahatma Gandhi and his whole family were converted to Islam. Many Muslim programs were held at Gandhi's house. Kasturba used to go to mosque and other Muslim programs. But to win the confidence of Hindus, Gandhi stayed Hindu outwardly for helping Muslims. This mail was in very detail. At the time of his death, Gandhi did not say "Hey Ram," but his last words to Godse was "You are very late to understand who I am". This fact has been mentioned in old copies of Organiser and some other papers as well. (Unquote). Dear fellow Hindus, is it not a sudden bombshell. So the first reaction will be, "What a lie!" sinc it is SAFE to reject such revelations even though with our own eyes we see their (Dynasty's) grand BETRAYAL of the Hindus. The betrayal of the Hindus is HIMALAYAN, not only of those in the five provinces most easily surrendered to Islam overnight in 1947 but also in KASHMIR and the rest of Bharat and beyond across seas. Next to this "Father of Nation" and "Apostle of Peace" ("Peace" means total submission to Muslim Fifth Column and 110 per cent "appeasement of Islam"), we had INDIRA of "INDIRA IS INDIA" fame. Now, here is another shocking revelation: She CONVERTED TO ISLAM on marrying Feroze KHAN of Allahabad whose morals were a copy of Mohammed's. The news of Indira's entry into ENEMY CAMP was totally suppressed from the Indian public who is ever ready to believe whatever Sarkar says. KHAN (beiman, shaitan, haiwan) was given the surname of GANDHI overnight and none ever heard the word "Khan" again. None even bothered to enquire, "Under what NAMES did his parents, cousins and uncles live?" For ONE BILLION Hindus on earth, FEROZE KHAN had no other relative at all. So why bother to find out their names? MUSALMAANI Indira then produced two sons. The one who was married to a decent NATIVE female had to perish and be wiped out from public view and memory for ever. Is there a Foundation after Sanjay? But the one who brought a FOREIGN (European) spouse from the gutters of Italy was at once raised and elevated to the post of Prime Minister though he was not even an MP. NEPOTISM was his personal fast ladder. No power on earth could cry "Foul!" Rajiv, the BOFORS CHOR, had to be boycotted or "despatched" the day he imported a WORTHLESS female from Italy who became a liability. But that PATRIOTIC act was left to a young Tamil mother whose precious life could have been saved by the nation. Whose MEMORIAL does our HINDU nation salute today? It is not of that "devi" but of the "CHOR" (THIEF) who also has a FOUNDATION in his name to further enhance and advance his filthy ideology to suppress, bash and crush the Hindus everywhere including Ayodhya and Kashmir. Needless to say, this Rajiv converted to CHRISTIANITY with his head placed on the left foot of Sonia. That fact, too, was kept TOP SECRET from our generals, scholars, professors, peasants, and all the Shankaracharyas and Sri Singh Sahibs, bathing themselves round the clock in waters of IGNORANCE and SUBSERVIENCE instead of GANGA JALL.. Then the Dirty Dynasty gave our ancient Hindu nation a loafer called RAHUL. His election to Parliament was a foregone conclusion. Anyone else winning the seat from AMETHI would have been promptly assassinated by goondahs in the pay of Congress and Dynasty. Do we look for some evidence of his love of INDIA, BHARAT or HINDUSTAN? NO. He has brought an unknown female from COLUMBIA, a country notorious for drugs, mafia and prostitution. "Jaisa Baap, Waisa Beta!" The father brought an ITALIAN so the son brought a COLUMBIAN. It is to remind our Hindu nation how Columbus converted the natives of that land to Christianity, beheading those who refused. Did we miss out any? Yes, PRIYENKA, who did not find any Hindu young man manly enough but went for a Catholic from East Punjab. Surely he (What's his name?) will be handy in thrashing and bashing the Sikhs there who survived the onslaught of Partition in 1947 and Operation Blue Star in 1984. NO Sikh leader and minister has yet looked at this "Son of Punjab". The FOOLS are as complacent as their grandfathers were in Lahore in 1940. So who is RULING our land of Vedas, Gita and Guru Gobind Singh? Should we not ask our LEADERS to hang their heads in SHAME? Since the BLACK DAY OF PARTITION OF INDIA they have shown NO initiative of any kind. It is time to either kick them out of office or take the matters in own HINDU hands. There is NO shame or disgrace in having a HINDU RASHTRA if every ISLAMIC REPUBLIC on earth can fly their flags in our Bharatvarsha without any sense of shame, guilt and INFERIORITY. To hand is a video cassette entitled "TRUE STORY OF PLIGHT OF KASHMIRI HINDUS" prepared by the "Lion of Bharat" Shri Ashok Pandit, and distributed in the UK by Hindu Sahitya Kendra, 4 Cross Street, Leicester, LE 4 5BA, England. It gives the most vivid and harrowing account of atrocities, murders and rape committed on the HINDU community that had lived there for millennia while the Government of India remained silent, doing NOTHING (just as they looked the other way when the Indians were kicked out of Uganda and beaten up in Fiji). The story tells us of the Hindus being refugees in their own country, on their own territory. Yet when MUSLIM refugees poured in from East Pakistan, our treacherous Indira went out of her way to smash Pakistan. She then declared EAST Bengal sovereign and independent while planning the invasion of EAST Punjab to punish and alienate the brave, patriotic and INDIGENOUS Sikh community whose relationship with the Hindu mainstream has been like the nails and flesh.. We need to ask, "What Government of India? Whose Government of India?" Yet the nation depends on this Power VACUUM called "Government of India" for its defence and livelihood. Both are in extreme jeopardy now. What national uplift of morale and what Hindu Sikh UNITY can we expect from the Daughter of Italy? What defence of Hindu DHARTI can we expect from Supreme Commander ABDUL? And what defence of Hindu DHARMA can we expect from Rashtrapati KALAAM? Have we HINDUS all gone mad, or become so helpless, as to be sitting on the aeroplane blindfolded that is being piloted by a MUSALMAAN and co-pioleted by a semi-literate female from ITALY who is a committed CATHOLIC, wishing death to Hindus? Both wouldn't touch the NATIVE Hindu religion even with a barge pole. Neither of them is thinking of recovering North Kashmir, leave aside East Bengal and Lahore. If that is impossible for our weak "midget of a nation", then at least we can all cry out, "QUIT INDIA!" in the ears of both who are dead set against the idea of raising the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. ------------------------- Sep 20, 2005 ==================== ...........................000000000