Date: 9/10/2005


BBC World TV showed the documentary film entitled "CHILDREN OF BESLAN". (September 10, 2005, 9 am and 5 pm, CET)./// It is made with great care and sensitivity, bringing in the facts of brutal and savage terrorist KILLERS, all of whom were MUSLIM, and the stories told by the children themselves./// While congratulating BBC for the film and impressed by the overwhelming response by the world to rebuild the school and the lives of those children, one cannot help but think of the betrayal by all the media in India who have dumped the memories of Hindus and Sikhs massacred with equal, and even worse, brutality by their MUSLIM fellow citizens in Sindh (the name appears in our national anthem like BENGAL), West Punjab, Baluchistan, NWFP and Kashmir in 1947./// "At the hour of midnight, a BLACK MURDEROUS TRAP called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan FELL UPON THE HAPLESS BETRAYED minorities whose Secularism, Patriotism and Lives had been thrown to ISLAMIC dogs and vultures."/// Having got total guarantees of NON interference by Government of India, the murderous, plundering, abducting, raping and looting mobs and gangs built up in no time in every village, town and city across the vast territory surrendered by India due to High Treason of our national leaders like MK Gandhi and Bandit JL Nehru. /// Their BETRAYAL of their own country, people and principles was total, despicable and unparallelled in history since they did not demand ANY condition in return from the Muslim leaders. /// They just VANISHED overnight, the same night, when Jawaharlal NEHRU, the Son of a "BI*CH" claimed to have seen his "glow of freedom"./// It does not speak well of our great and ancient HINDU nation if all those who claim or pretend to be great accept that bogus "Partition" and the Constitution that is only for P.I.S.S. (Partitioned Indian Secular State), NOT for noble AKHAND BHARAT. /// Viewers were deeply moved by watching this BBC documentary and cursed the "subservient despicable timid COOLIE media" of "hijacked" Hindustan that has not mustered guts and honesty to produce documentaries of this kind on our own LOST children. What about the/// Children of Lahore/// Children fo Multan/// Children of RAWALPINDI,/// Children of Gujranwala/// Children of Sargodha/// Children of Sialkot/// Children of Lhallpur/// Children of North Kashmir/// Children of Hyderabad/// Children of Karachi/// Children of Quetta/// Children of Peshawar/// Children of NOAKHALI/// and even /// Children of Srinagar, who were KILLED. /// How many schools were destroyed and how many defenceless young mothers abducted, raped and killed? /// COME ON, "father of Hindu nation" ABDUL KALAM and "mother of Hindu nation" SONIA KHAN, have you ever thought of them? You are NOT there only to gloat under the high title and "milk" the Hindu nation of its wealth, dignity and SELF ESTEEM. /// How dare anyone erase their memories or forget them? /// A sovereign HINDU RASHTRA will most certainly ensure that the Directors of All India Radio and Doordarshan are arrested, tried for criminal neglect of their duties, and either stood under the gallows or before the FIRING SQUAD. /// What else is their DUTY and JOB, if they cannot produce something like the "Children of Beslan"? /// Our HINDU / SIKH children are not fodder for the Muslim pig. Each one was as precious as each and every reader of these lines. /// Thank you, BBC, for this remarkable documentary. /// Please also encourage your INDIAN counterparts in media to do something similar to honour and recall their OWN dead on 1947. /// /// (There are literally TENS OF MILLIONS of elderly Hindus and Sikhs still alive whose happy childhood was ruined in no time, and FOR EVER, by ISLAMIC TERRORISTS in 1947)./// ==================/// ...........................000000000