Date: 9/5/2005


The Govt of India is TRUE to its policy since 1947. Sikh leaders are blind not to see it./// "Give a hand to ISLAM but cut off the hand of Sikhs."/// In that spirit EAST Bengal was given full sovereignty after its capture in 1972 and Operation Blue Star was launched in East Punjab to ram home secularism and slavery./// Sonia Gandhi takes advantage of Sikh ignorance and DISUNITY while Abdul Kalam takes advantage of Hindu ignorance, DISUNITY and love of slavery. ///========================== HERE IS THE NEWS:/// In a message dated 05/09/2005 12:50:48 GMT Daylight Time, writes:/// A Burning Desire of Masses: To See Gurdwara/// Kartarpur- a front page story of Ajit 1-9-05/// Ajit newspaper has carried a front page detailed news how there is a strong sense of longing to have darshan of gurdwara Kartarpur situated in the Pakistan territory. It gives details how people are daily visiting border site where the shrine is visible. How a road has been constructed from Dera Baba Nanak town to the border point./// It tells how the people of this area have a sense of betrayed by the Govt of India. It tells how the Pakistan Govt has itself proposed the corridor scheme thrice but the Govt of India has developed a cold shoulder to it. It tells it is a clear case of the step-motherly treatment of the Sikhs by Govt of India especially in view of the on going Peace Process between India and Pakistan./// Please read original story which is available as an image at /// But you will have to Join this group by clicking ----------------/// There is another story in the day's paper where the Govt of India has proposed at its own to the Govt of Pakistan that it was willing to allow a bus service from Lahore to Sarhind for ziarat to Roza Sharief . The Sikhs welcome this move./// ------------------/// Kartarpur Kooker B.S.Goraya Editor/// Amritsar/// ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,000000000