Date: 9/4/2005


The Sikh in the UK moaned, "Our great leader came from Punjab and gave a speech somewheere, and then went back. No publicity was given to his arrival and departure, his talk and the venue, or any opportunity for the Sikh NRI's to ask him any questions." ......................=============== COMMENT: India is a Congress coolie Colony. She is a slave. The NATIVES are suppressed and crushed, hammered down INTO PULP by Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam, BOTH ALIENS, if not enemies, by BELIEF AND CONFESSION. Hence such a DEMOLISHED India cannot send out any FREE MAN to speak freely to their own people living abroad. Just see the publicity and welcome for the POPE. Our leaders do their bit and then ESCAPE. Public is not given opportunity or time to QUESTION them. They will look a "eunuch or fool" if someone asks, "How about recalling the surrender of Lahore by wearing black ribbons and holding a minute's silence on 15 August every year?" These mental dwarfs emerge from the dark world of Hindustan, hammered down into pulp by Dynasty, and return to their deep well for safety. ........................000000000