Date: 9/1/2005


Dear List Members,/// Name the ONLY COUNTRY on earth that does NOT commemorate its dead of the past centuries? /// The answer: "Partitioned Indian Secular State" or BHARAT in short. /// The reason: She is in the firm grip of FOREIGNERS who hate the word "Hindu" and the word "Sikh" even more. At every opportunity they will benefit, sometimes secretly, sometimes openly, the ALIEN interests while damaging and destroying the NATIVE. /// Let us mention some of our own dead. Someone, a HINDU, wielding POWER and POSITION in Bharat one day may read this. Here is an attempt to recall our glorious but totally forgotten Dead- /// The most notable are the Hindus and Buddhists who were put to sword in Sindh in 712 AD. Then come those who were butchered in MULTAN, LAHORE, RAWALPINDI, QUETTA, DERA GHAZI KHAN and PESHAWAR a century or so later. /// Then we need to commemorate those slaughtered in Delhi in 1192 AD when the Turks entered the city like a PACK OF WOLVES and covered the streets in the blood of innocent Hindus and also did not spare a single Hindu female of any age. /// Our land of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh is also under heavy DEBT of Honour, Morality and Patriotism to commemorate most visibly and vigorously the TWO MILLION dead Hindus and Sikhs who were happily living in those FIVE provinces of India that were unconditionally surrendered to the "wolves in human form" during 1947, NOT TO FORGET East Bengal that was surrendered unconditionally once again in 1972. /// Then we ought to erect a Memorial to the Dead (HINDUS and SIKHS) of 1984 whether in EAST Punjab in June or later during the general massacre of Sikhs in November that year. The killings of Hindus and Sikhs were manipulated by none else but the DYNASTY and PARTY that hold Bharat in their firm grip even today. /// Last but not the least are the DEAD OF KASHMIR, both North and South. /// Which GOVERNMENT, which PARTY, will commission the historic task of recording the names, ages and addresses of all those VICTIMS as far back in history as possible? It is a formidable task, but not impossible. /// Please watch BBC WORLD TV this weekend for special programmes on BESLAN massacre of innocent children by MUSLIM fanatics, terrorists and killers. (<> and <>) /// Is there a lesson for our own future? /// How safe are those who went on to live in New York? How safe are those who went on to live in London? How safe are we ANYWHERE from the massacres "as per separatist violent" Koran that not only divides mankind into Believers and Non believers but also enjoins upon the FORMER to kill or convert the LATTER? /// LET US REMEMBER THE DEAD OF LAHORE, KASHMIR AND BENGAL and of THIS CENTURY and the past centuries, as they are remembering the DEAD OF NEW YORK, LONDON AND BESLAN. /// ==================== /// Today's news (SEPTEMBER 1, 2005) /// Russia Blamed for Beslan Attack /// Radical Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev has claimed in an Internet posting that Russian security services bore responsibility for last year's bloody Beslan school siege. /// He alleged they provided the attackers with a safe corridor through the region in an attempt to trap them. /// In the statement posted on the KavkazCentre Web site, Basayev said a Russian double agent had been among the hostage-takers. /// He also claimed a second attacker had survived the three-day siege and was now with his men and prepared to testify.. /// Russian prosecutors, however, say all but one of the 32 attackers were killed. The sole survivor is currently on trial. Deputy Russian Prosecutor General Nikolai Shepel, who is presenting the state's case at the trial, dismissed Basayev's claims and said investigators had no evidence of involvement by the special services. /// "The assertions of this terrorist and child-murderer are total nonsense," he was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency. /// Basayev's statement came on the eve of the first anniversary of the Beslan tragedy, in which some 330 victims, more than half of them children, were killed. /// The masked, heavily armed militants seized about 1,200 hostages who had gone to a school in the small southern town to celebrate Knowledge Day - the first day of school. /// Over the next two days, they mocked the captives, refusing them any food or water and letting only a few infants, toddlers and their mothers go. Shortly after noon on the third day, a series of explosions and shooting erupted. /// =========== /// Beslan mothers condemn government /// Mothers of victims of the Beslan school seizure, their grief mixed with fury a year after Russia's deadliest hostage-taking raid, said that the government had failed to learn from the tragedy and had left the country vulnerable to equally devastating terrorist attacks. /// The Chechen warlord who claimed responsibility for the assault that ended with more than 330 people dead - apparently playing on suspicions of a state cover-up - alleged that Russian security services provided the attackers with a safe corridor through the region in a bungled plot to trap them. /// "The government is supposed to guarantee our lives, take responsibility for our lives, and they haven't, so we're taking responsibility," Susanna Dudiyeva, head of the Beslan Mothers' Committee, said on the anniversary of the attack, which began when militants demanding Russian forces withdraw from nearby Chechnya seized a school in this North Ossetia region town on September 1 last year. /// Dudiyeva, whose son was killed in the three-day school ordeal, told reporters that the government has failed to learn its lessons. /// "If this isn't corrected, there will be another terrorist attack like Beslan," she said. "We are fighting for the truth." /// Many victims' relatives have accused the government of mounting a cover-up, insisting that the militants had help from corrupt officials to allow them to cross heavily policed territory and seize the school. Critics have questioned how more than 30 heavily armed attackers could have made their way to the school without being detected by police. /// The attack, which began on the first day of school, ended on September 3 when Russian forces stormed the school after explosions were heard inside. More than half of the dead were children. /// A delegation of Beslan mothers is to meet President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Friday, to address grievances, including their unhappiness with the official investigation. /// In an internet posting, Chechen rebel warlord Shamil Basayev claimed that Russian security services bore responsibility for the siege, alleging that they enabled the attackers to travel unhindered through the region. /// In the statement posted on the KavkazCenter website, Basayev said that a Russian double agent had been among the hostage-takers. /// =========== /// Now what about the TWO MILLION massacred in 1947? Are they not worth recalling by Rashtrapati ABDUL KALAM and Rashtramata SONIA MAINO-O'KHAN, both happily RIDING our Hindusthan without looking at the ruins in Ayodhya. /// ========================= ........................000000000