Date: 8/29/2005


Thank you. (SEE MAIL BELOW/// I respect your views. They are on the assumption that one Sullah (Musalman Beiman Shaitan Haiwan) is equal to 100 Hindus.///If that is the reality today, then we must change it./// It was THIS power ratio that Lahore and Karachi went. The Hindu was to terrified even to demand Referendum, leave aside unite to FIGHT the aggression from HOME GROWN terrorists./// /// It is THIS power ratio in Bharat again that north Kashmir went and south Kashmir is going./// It is THIS power ratio that is still the same in India. Hence Ayodhya temple is in ruins and the scared Kashmiri Hindus are scared stiff in Pathankot, Jammu and Delhi./// So long as the ratio remains the same, the Hindu will go on vanishing from earth, even from own territory. Pakistan was once OUR territory, too./// The only time the HINDU MINORITY defeated the Sullahs and beat the HELL out of them was when the Hindus became KHALSA (Sikhs). It was then that we defeated the Afghans and hoisted the BHAGWA on KHYBER./// Alas, today our nation has forgotten our own history and lays great stress on the life and times of BAPU and BANDIT (Gandhi and Nehru). /// The result is before our eyes, a demoralised HINDU who is trembling before the Muslims in Ayodhya and also afraid of AKHAND BHARAT of our own bapu./// The ONLY way out of this trap into which the treacherous Sarkar has manoeuvred us, is to adopt the surname SINGH, carry swords in the open and DEFY the Will of sullahs and to challenge them to come and "touch" us. This miracle does not cost anything but the INFERIORITY complex of Hindu leaders and their cowardice. /// When Guru Gobind Singh ji saw the Hindus in a similar trap, he did the miracle of "Amrit"./// That ceremony is now hijacked by the Sikh leaders who insist on SYMBOLS rather than SPIRIT, and who have FAILED to commend it to the nation at large. /// We need to say to the dull and duffer Sikh LEADERS, "GET LOST! The right to carry sword in open, defying the Will of Abdul Kalam (Islam) and Sonia Khan (Pope) is not the prerogative of treacherous Sarkar."/// The Hindu has to show the INITIATIVE./// Once every Hindu is called "SIINGH", the indigenous and Paki Muslim alike will beg to enter the Hindu fold and feel one of the brave on earth. Now the reverse is the case. The weak, disunited and cowardly Hindu is REPELLING them, rather than attract to our native religion. The result? We are decreasing in numbers and COURAGE while THEY are increasing in both./// Regards///=========== /// In a message dated 28/08/2005 08:28:42 GMT Daylight Time, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXwrites: /// Wake up to reality. Pakistan and Bangladesh are ungrateful katwas. You have to sever the cancer stricken limbs or the cancer spreads everywhere. /// Focus on driving a wedge between China, The West and the Muslas and Paklas./// India will progress if the Muslas fight among themselves. /// Re-unification will bring forced conversions on a massive scale, destruction of our sacred and ancient temples and ethnic clensing of Hindus and sikhs in our own country. The West will not even blink an eye or cover the stories in the media. Why because Hinduism is not a one-god or one-book religion. With the help of China and P{akistan the West has contained India's progress and aspirations and ambitions. The West looks at us educated slaves available two for a penny - cheap labor./// Doesn't your heart bleed everytime you hear some naive females converting to the camel -land bedoiuin faith. /// Do you think there will be any voice for Hindus, sikhs or Jains in a re-united India with katwas breeding like flies and mosquitos and rats? /// Be you a Hindu or Sikh or Jain or Buddhist, (Bengali, Tamil, Punjabi or Gujarati), you still respect Mother India. Katwas no matter where from are for destroying the Unity of India. They look at our women-folk with lustful eyes as sex-toys to breed an army for their faith. /// Katwas will break up India into small countries until they can convert us all./// - Have you forgotten Convert, flee or die?/// They see common with their arab faith not their 99.9% hindu blood. /// Partition is the best thing that happened to India. /// I love India just like you but I want Hindus, Jains and Sikhs to prosper. The lower castes deserve better lifestyle than katwas from Hindu tax-payer money. /// .............................000000000