Date: 8/24/2005


QUESTION FOR RT. HON’BLE MR. TONY BLAIR (BY A BRITISH HINDU). /// Sir, /// Muslims have become “home grown” terrorists even in England where I, a Hindu, came from Kashmir in order to escape them. I had no rights and status there, being a Kaffir. And my government in New Delhi was too weak and soft like smashed potato to ensure my safety in my own country. /// My Supreme Commander was “one of them” under the name of Mohammed Abdul Kalam. /// The Muslims wish to humble World Super Power No. 1, the United States, and also wish to wipe out the Saudi ruling dynasty in order to usher in the era of Global Islam. Those who come after the present rulers of Arabia will not introduce secularism or modern democracy nor allow women to vote. (Was any woman a minister in Taliban Government in Afghanistan? Do we hear any woman’s name in Al Qaida?)/// When the West liberates a petrified stagnant deep frozen ISLAMIC republic, be it in Afghanistan or Iraq, the people insist on having ISLAM again in the Constitution. Ludicrous, but true. /// It is amazing that they do not realise that it was Islam that had ruined their economy, civil rights, freedoms and dignity of women. Whenever the Muslims attain a majority in the population, they clamour for Sharia Law exactly as they are doing now in India and Britain. And whenever their majority goes beyond 51% they insist on putting ISLAM in Constitution and replacing Geneva Convention by barbaric and savage punishments prescribed in Koran. God help the Infidel, the Kafir, the Christian, the Hindu, the Gypsy and the Jew. /// So we see that Islam is something that the Muslims, with strong suicidal urge, that motivates the suicide bombers, cannot discard on their own territory. By sticking to it they ruin civil rights, human rights, minority rights, women’s rights and economic and social freedoms of one and all, while at the same time denying all the freedoms to non Muslims amidst them. /// How far does Islam go in an Islamic Republic? It goes to the utmost limits of tyranny on everyone, including the Muslims. /// At present there is a growing movement in the ISLAMIC Republic of Bangladesh to put MORE Islam in public life! Obviously many Muslims in that country are shouting, “The present Islamic Constitution does not go far enough. It is too mild. We want the Taliban or Al Qaida style government to rule our country.” /// It is the core Islamic genius that brings about such rigid retrogressive societies on earth. Any voice, demanding change, is promptly silenced. Any head that rises above the rest is instantly chopped off. /// Salman Rushdie knows the cost, paid by Britain, of keeping his head above his shoulders. He knows, too, how he will be dealt with in any ISLAMIC country, not only in Iran. He has seen the manner of execution of women in Kabul and of dissenting men in Riyadh and Teheran. /// But what happens when the Muslims start arriving in a secular western country to have a square meal? /// At first they are seen as diligent workers and hardly a murmur of discontent is heard. They are model citizens and win the heart of those who have not been to a true Islamic republic yet. /// As the numbers grow, Muslim organisations and mosques spring up. They pray and gather together- all male, no female among them- and moan about the evil Infidel environment all round. /// They see that their own “Muslim way of life” is different from the British way of life. So they insist on Arabic lessons for children, long trousers for girls at school, halal meat for school dinners and despatch of girls in early teens to Bangladesh, Pakistan or Afghanistan to get married. /// Since a lot of these demands and practices come into conflict with Western civilisation, demand for political representation among them grows. They feel integral part of World of Islam (GLOBAL Islam) rather than in restricted, or limited, term of being BRITISH. /// A Pakistani, Albanian, Bangladeshi or Somali living in London relates more to a Muslim in Malaysia, Israel, Kashmir, Phillipines, Thailand and Chechnya than to his non Muslim fellow citizens in England. /// Regular visits to home countries to fill their lungs with “Islamic” air, and to Mecca for Hajj, reinforce the idea of superiority of Islam and inferiority of the non Muslim world. /// As a result, they aspire to restore dictatorships like that of Saddam Hussein and recreate the Caliphate that would act like The Vatican to control the minds, deeds and all aspects of daily life of ALL the Muslims on earth. /// Western societies, where public opinion and protest are respected, start bending and buckling before the collective Muslim uproar and their growing clout. /// One after the other centuries old rules and customs fall by the wayside and a new version of multicultural and multi-faith Britain begins to emerge. /// This only whets the appetite of the “indigenous” Muslims who then set up a separate Muslim parliament. /// One is already in place in Britain, and should Britain have a Muslim majority in the future it will replace the Parliament at Westminster in no time. /// No other immigrant community has such tenacity, perseverance and collective craze for a separate parliament. No other immigrant community has such a strong sense of being different, self-righteous and separate. /// As time goes on, Muslim infiltration of, and interference in, media and administration increase. Finally it becomes intimidation and results in confrontation. /// They find many do-gooder and naïve local allies in the host communities. At this time the fanatic fundamentalists and the Islamists are treated with soft gloves of our secularism, democracy and citizens’ rights. /// With money pouring in from outside, they can hire the finest legal aid available, and quote Geneva Convention and Human Rights Charters from everywhere except mention their own beloved Sharia Law. /// Free societies feel the pressure, heat, menace and threat. But our laws are against us. Home Office confers British passports in a ceremonial style with fanfare and media coverage while, as we all know, the deep aspiration of each and every Muslim is to impose Sharia Law on Britain and to see the Crown replaced by Koran. /// Many profess to be secular Muslims while it is impossible to be Muslim and secular at the same time. /// They have no objection to fooling the world if the world is so easy and keen to be fooled. /// Western secular democracies are quite ignorant of the Spirit & Fervour of Islam and of their ruthlessness and perpetual propensity to overturn the secular liberal social order in order to create an Islamic State wherever they can strike. /// The best citizen in a country is the one whose inner core belief is secular, who does not see any Kaffir or Infidel around him, and whose views are not the same as advocated by Mohammed. By this criterion not one Muslim ought to get the British or Indian passport. /// Sometimes the Muslims achieve their goal by violence as in Armenia, India and Cyprus. At other times they go on working unobtrusively and assiduously, drawing no attention to themselves for decades. Then they surprise the world as in Pearl Harbour. /// It is still not too late for Britain to wake up, although we see her strong secular Will weakening. The “sheep” are inviting the “wolves” to drink from their common trough. /// In previous centuries the brutal British colonisers and conquerors across the globe were the men of arms or soldiers while the population lived in social harmony and amity back home. /// In the case of Muslims, every citizen is a soldier of Mohammed, and committed to Jehad against his non Muslim fellow citizens. Thus there can be NO internal social harmony and amity in any society with the Muslims around who can suddenly slaughter their own fellow citizens as in London on July 7, 2005. How many more did they slaughter in India in 1947? /// Nobody wants to invite a yelling, shouting, threatening, menacing, furious Muslim mob in front of his door, that is calling for his resignation (or head!) over some act like the publishing of a book, or article, that seems to go against the interests of Islam? /// One poor Indian escaped the Islamic floods in Kashmir and came to dry land called England, and built a house. Now the water from the Islamic ocean is rising gradually here, too. It has touched the threshold and is flowing over it, into his house. /// He had ignored it. But it rose and rose, and has washed his house away just as in North Kashmir. /// How do we all feel now in England, with the Islamic waters rising and touching our chins? /// The writer escaped from West Punjab. He asks the British public, “Where shall I go next? My enemy has caught up with me. The waters are rising…….. /// “O God and Government, how will you save me again?” /// Rt. Hon’ble Mr. Tony Blair, please reply. Who else should I ask? /// ===============/// 24 August 2005. /// .........................000000000