Date: 8/22/2005


Arrogance (jisko jana hai jane do), blindness to reality (no reservations for SC/ST/OBCs) and ulltimately putra prem of Balasaheb Thackerey, has destroyed the Shiv Sena. A once die hard sainik named Jaywant Parab from Andheri (W), Mumbai (where I formely stayed) has left SS. This may be a small news. But for people who lived in the area, it was shocking. For years people had got used to the Shiv Sena Shakha, a big fort like structure, the huge saffron flags flying, the sena sponsored ganapati pujas, dandya ras and the effective Hindu backlash during the 1993 riots in the area. In this largely Muslim area, this place felt like a Hindu bastion. But all this is now over within a second. The Congress flag flutters were the saffron flag once stood. the fort is now coloured in congress colours, Sonia gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Narayan Rane's photos everywhere. This is unbeliveable. It is painful to watch the tranformation. But arrogant Balasaheb and is ramby bamby son Uddhav are blind to what's going on in Maharashtra. It is a sad end./// Abhi na jao chhod ke, says Uddhav/// By: Krishnakumar /// August 22, 2005 /// The exodus of Shiv Sainiks to the Congress after Narayan Rane’s exit received another impetus after former corporator, Jaywant Parab, of the Bharatiya Kamgar Sena joined the Congress on Saturday. /// The move prompted Uddhav Thackeray to hold a meeting with around 35 Sainiks yesterday at the Supremo Club in Andheri./// Soothing balm /// The Sena workers included officials like former vibhag pramukhs, shakha pramukhs and ex councilors, who over the past few years have been left out in the cold. /// “Former councillors and the present ones don’t see eye to eye. While former vibhag pramukhs always complain that the new incumbents are neglecting local issues,” said a former Sena MLA. /// Please don’t leave /// Uddhav is learnt to have promised the party workers that he would meet all the ex-office bearers and look into their problems. Sources say that the Sena is worried that disgruntled elements may follow Rane into the Congress. /// Municipal elections/// Incidentally, former mayor Hareshwar Patil, who followed Rane into the Congress, had complained about the vibhag pramukh of his area and said he was not being given his due in spite of his achievements./// With civic elections due in a year, Sena leaders are worried that these disgruntled elements could cause a significant shift in votes — a risk the Sena can do without./// ........................000000000