Date: 8/18/2005


"FIFTH REICH" OF HINDUSTAN/// The word Reich comes from German. After two phases in history that country entered the third under Hitler. Hence it is called Third Reich or Empire./// What abot Bharat? It has been through many well recognised and identifiable phases of history. Here is a guess that someone could improve with regard to chronology. /// 1. FIRST REICH WAS HINDU RASHTRA, pure and uncontested, before 712 AD. In that year Sindh was invaded by Bin Qassim from Arabia bringing fire, death, ABDUCTION and CONVERSION with it. ////// 2. Then it was MUSLIM RASHTRA until 1857 AD. Followers of Koran and Mohammed held total sway over the native stock. /// 3. Then it was CHRISTIAN RASHTRA till 1947. Missionaries held sway with regard to lurements and conversion. Countless churches were built with Hindu money that also paid for the vast expence of FOREIGN occupation and armed forces. /// 4. Now it is RASHTRA OF ITALY & ISLAM SINCE THAT YEAR. The two persons on TOP are Abdul Kalam (Constitutional) and Sonia Khan (executive) powers over the native HINDU / Sikh stock. Anyone seen struggling for a genuine Hindu Rashtra, especially due to High Treason of accepting PARTITION and BETRAYAL, can expect RIDICULE, if not GALLOWS./// HINDU RASHTRA IS STILL ELUSIVE. /// 5. We will see it established when the present Hindu bashing Vidhan, and Rashtrapati are both gone or changed. /// A clear and visible proof of HINDU RASHTRA will be when Sri Ram Temple is raised in AYODHYA, and each State has a Hindu University and an Institute of Hindu Ideology. /// (Here a "skeptical secular smashed potato" asks, "What good will THAT be?" /// It will ensure elimination of internal Fifth Column. /// It will stop abduction and conversion of our girls. /// It will make the word "Hindu" sound decent. /// It will give GAURAV to the Hindus. /// It will make Hindu MANHOOD manly, not only in Bollywood and South Kashmir. /// It will tell the INDIAN Muslims that the Hindu/Muslim ratio of Shakti is 1:10 (one to ten), not 10,000:1 (ten thousand to one) as right now. /// It will ensure safety of Hindus in Kabul, Islamabad and Dhaka. It will mean travel to Mother India without a visa signed by any Abdul Kalam./// It will also act as a deterrent to any Idi Amin of Uganda and Rabuka of Fiji to dare kick or expel an Indian.) Is that not enouhg? Is this not welcome? /// Now we need to UNITE, and MILITARISE ourselves, in order to snatch our due from our "home grown" ENEMIES who accept and tolerate ISLAM in the constitutions of Islamabad and Dhaka but are determined to ram their own brand of bogus secularism down our throats, and have posted police and army with guns along all approaches to Ayodhya. /// ..................................000000000