Date: 8/16/2005


WHAT DO YOU THINK?/// ISRAEL IS BEING REDUCED TERRITORIALLY, & WEAKENED. /// SHAME ON FREE AND SECULAR WORLD. /// Israel is a tiny State of the Jews who have been mercilessly persecuted to no end for centuries. The Jews were targeted from all sides, by the Catholics and by the Muslims. /// On the other hand there is no record of them persecuting anyone on earth or invading another country or attacking their own land of birth. /// After more than two millennia in "wilderness", at last they found a tiny bit of earth to call it their home in order to ensure their safety among the human "wolves and hyenas" (not to mention the “Third Reich”) who were, and are, hungry for their flesh and territory. /// This makes them "first cousins" of the HINDUS in India, who, too, have been persecuted, suppressed and tortured to no end in the most brutal manner, and forced to convert, or just beheaded or killed. The type of blood curdling and bestial torturing and killing methods employed by the Muslims in India are well chronicled /// The number of Hindu lives destroyed on their own territory by the foreign predators runs into MILLIONS. Two million were put to blood thirsty “Sword of Mohammed” in 1947 alone when the “land grabbing monster” called ISLAM suddenly attacked their own land of birth, and severed two large chunks of territory off the map of India overnight. /// As if that was not enough, they wiped out the entire NON Muslim stock of population in these new REBELLIOUS and PROVOCATIVE "Islamic" Republics of Pakistan and today's Bangladesh, taking them out by thrusting the DAGGER of SEPARATISM in the heart of Secularism in India. /// The Hindus have been so much persecuted, INTIMIDATED and TERRORISED over centuries that there is NO mention of that horrendous PARTITION in the Constitution of India, and no day is set aside to commemorate the Day of that historic Disastrous Defeat (August 15, 1947). /// At the same time a TERRIFIED Partitioned India does have a gazetted holiday across the land on the birth day of MOHAMMED the HINDU SLAYER. This would be exactly like Federal Republic of Germany declaring public holiday on the birthday of HITLER. /// Today there ought to have been protests and demonstrations in India at the forcible ousting of Israeli settlers from Gaza but we must hang our Hindu heads in SHAME that the Supreme Commander of India is a Muslim called Abdul Kalam who ought to have been despatched to Pakistan, or the next world (like the Hindus of Lahore and Kashmir), long ago, as per Act of Partition of India, 1947. /// To confound the wretched status of India, her executive power rests fully and entirely in the hands of a semi-literate Italian woman of no pedigree, “imported” by a loafer prime minister called Rajiv Gandhi. Thus today India's First Lady is a CATHOLIC female called Sonia Gandhi, sworn enemy of the Hindus like their Mohammedan President called Abdul Kalam. /// The whole of Hindustan is at the feet of these two ALIENS, one a Mohammedan and the other a Catholic, with the Hindu nation “standing to attention,” taking ORDERS from them. /// The Hindus have NO voice in Hindustan. There is NONE in India to extend the hand of friendship towards ISRAEL, or to say, "the entire Palestinian stock, and HAMAS, ought to be shipped or shifted across to PAKISTAN, where Islam has captured enough land from India that was ethnically cleansed of HINDUS in 1947. /// Israel, for the sake of her own survival, ought to be FOUR TIMES her present territorial size. /// Today we see the United States of America, too, BETRAYING the tiny State of Israel just as the Allies betrayed the Jews in Warsaw during World War 2, and later the NATO betrayed the Lithuanian Resistance in 1950’s. /// The whole world seems to be TERRIFIED of Muslims who can tie bombs to their bellies and blow themselves up in crowded markets, on trains, buses and even underground trains, in Baghdad, Beslan, Madrid, and London. /// Nothing is safe from them, neither a Stock Market (Mumbai), nor a trade centre (WTC, New York), nor a hotel (Bali) nor a pleasure beach (Egypt). /// The fanatic Muslims, THE MENACE ON EARTH, are now busy terrorising Israel and pushing her frontiers back, squeezing her tiny “LEBENSRAUM” further, just as they did in India where they suddenly pounced on her TERRITORY and chopped off ONE THIRD of it overnight. /// .................====================/// To accept Mohammed's flag over LAHORE today is to see the same vulgarity and obscenity over DELHI tomorrow. /// To yield an inch in Israel is to see them occupy a yard of Jewish land tomorrow. /// August 16, 2005. .........................000000000