Date: 8/11/2005


His POTHOHAR (WEST PUNJAB) went to DOGS when it was surrendered unconditionally and the murder of Hindus and Sikhs there may be a world record. Forgetting them all is the sign of INFERIORITY of every POTHOHARI including MMS. /// Yet this son of pothohar has never thought of a Memorial to all those DEAD. /// As a Sikh one expected him to REJECT the cabinet post of Sajjan and Tytler, not wait for the stick called Nanawati Report to lean on before taking the step. /// What about the rascals being prosecuted like the Bosnian Serbs being tried in Hague?/// He is poodle since on his visit to Pakistan HE DID NOT RAISE THE ISSUE OF FREE ACCESS TO NANKANA SAHIB or at least granting it the status like VATICAN of his mistress from Italy. /// As a Sikh he ought to have apologised a long time ago, not just today./// Shame on such SIKHS who look like Sikhs but act like poodles behind Italian born memsahib./// Feroze KHAN'S mother was a PARSI but on marrying the SULLAH of ALLAHabad, she immediately converted to Islam, a fact that the "bandits & thugs" ruling Broken Bharat have concealed from public. They also concealed the nikah of Indira in a mosque. ( /// Any journalist who publishes the birth certificate of Feroze KHAN and the names of at least two of his PATERNAL relatives is bound to disappear within days. /// Now that Sajjan and Tytler have resigned and before we sit down much relieved, let us demand the return of those Sikhs who were KILLED. They were someone's sons, daughters, husbands and fathers. /// Apologies and mock trials and bogus resignations are just an eye wash for the world's most subservient and ignorant nation./// ============= /// ...................000000000