Date: 8/10/2005


THE DEMONSTRATION BY THE SIKHS OUGHT TO BE AUGMENTED BY SIMILAR DEMONSTRATION BY THE HINDUS WHO OUGHT TO BE PROTESTING AT THE UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF ONE THIRD OF INDIA TO HOME GROWN TERRORISTS IN 1947./// What: Demonstration to protest Indian Independence Day celebration When: Monday, August 15, 2005, 9:15 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Where: In front of Gandhi statue at Indian Embassy, Q St. between Massachusetts Ave. and 21st St. NW, Washington, DC Why: To commemorate the Sikhs and other minorities murdered by the Indian government since Indian independence, to demand the release of all political prisoners, and to demand a sovereign, independent Khalistan. /// Sikhs from around the East Coast will gather by the Gandhi statue at the Indian Embassy on Q St. between 21st St. and Massachusetts Ave. NW in Washington, DC on Monday, August 15, 2005, at 9:15 a.m. to protest the celebration of Indian Independence Day. /// Sometimes India moves the celebration to the Ambassador's residence. If they do, the demonstration will move there. India has murdered over 250,000 Sikhs since 1984, according to figures compiled by the Punjab State Magistracy and human-rights groups and reported in the book The Politics of Genocide by Inderjeet Singh Jaijee. It has also killed over 89,000 Kashmiri Muslims since 1988, more than 300,000 Christians in Nagaland since 1947, and thousands of Christians and Muslims elsewhere in the country, as well as tens of thousands of Assamese, Bodos, Dalits ("Untouchables," the dark-skinned aboriginal people of South Asia), Manipuris, Tamils, and other minorities. The Indian Supreme Court called the Indian government's murders of Sikhs "worse than a genocide." /// OPPRESSION AGAINST SIKHS & OTHER MINORITIES BY GOVT OF INDIA: (Who are SIKHS ?) (Oppression against Sikhs) (Torture Against Sikhs) (Pictures of Saheed Sikhs) (Torture against Sikhs) (The Sikh Case) (20 years after 1984, the justice has still not been delivered) (Silent march through New York City) (HateCrime against Nation less community) /// "Freedom is not something that anybody can be given, freedom is something people take." James Baldwin "Great sin is committed when Good men are silent" ..........................000000000