Date: 8/10/2005


WHEN A COUNTRY COMES UNDER THE SWAY OF ONE PARTY, ONE DYNASTY AND GOES EFFORTLESSLY UNDER THE FOOT OF FOREIGNERS (SONIA KHAN AND ABDUL KALAM), THEN SOCIAL COHESION, INTERNAL UNITY AND STRENGTH GO TO DOGS. NATIVE ELEMENTS OF POPULATION ARE MANIPULATED TO ACT AGAINST EACH OTHER, HINDUS ARE BRAINWASHED, FOOLED AND MADE TO LOOK PATRIOTS BY HITTING THE SIKHS WHILE LICKING THE FEET AND BACK OF MUSLIMS, PROVIDING THEM WITH HAJJ SUBSIDIES AND EVEN GIVIN THE CHAIR OF SUPREME COMMANDER OF ALL ARMED FORCES TO AN ARCH ENEMY, A SWORN ANTI HINDU PERENNIAL RASCAL AND HOME GROWN TERRORIST CALLED ABDUL KALAM. LIKE THE SHEEP THEY FOLLOW THE SHEPHERDESS FROM ITALY WHO REFUSED TO EMBRACE ANY NATIVE RELIGION. /// THIS IS THE PICTURE OF A COUNTRY BLEEDING AND DECOMPOSING UNDER ANTI HINDU FORCES IN BROKEN BHARAT, OR PARTITIONED INDIA, TODAY. /// THE HINDU NATION OF SLAVES, COOLIES AND BABOOS ("BABOONS") IS GOING TO CELEBRATE INDEPENDENCE IN FIVE DAYS' TIME INSTEAD OF COMMEMORATING THEIR WORST EVER DEFEAT AND SURRENDER IN HISTORY, AT PARTITION OF THEIR COUNTRY IN 1947. /// HERE IS AN ACCOUNT TO SHOW HOW FAR THE SIKHS HAVE BEEN WOUNDED AND DRIVEN AWAY FROM THE MAINSTREAM THAT IS ITSELF UNDER THE FOOT OF SONIA KHAN AND SPELL OF ABDUL KALAM, ONE A HARD BITTEN CATHOLIC, THE OTHER A DEVIOUS MUSALMAN, BEIMAN, SHAITAN HAIWAN SINCE PARTITION. IN THE FOLLOWING REPORT THE SIKHS REGARD THE HINDUS AS THEIR TORMENTORS NOT REALISING THAT THE HINDUS THEMSELVES ARE IN SHACKLES AND HANDCUFFS OF BOGUS CONSTITUTION, THE WORK OF BANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU./// THE SIKHS HAVE NO IDEA WHEN NANKANA SAHIB WILL BE FREE OF ISLAMIC DEVIL AND THE HINDUS HAVE NO IDEA AS TO WHEN THEY COULD GO TO THEIR GRAND TEMPLE IN AYODHYA TO PRAY. BUT BOTH HAVE BEEN MADE TO FORGET STRATERIC ENEMIES AND MADE TO ACT AGAINST THE OVERALL INTERESTS OF THE NATIVE FAMILY AND NATIVE RELIGIONS. THUS THE INTERNAL SITUATION IN BLEEDING BROKEN BHARAT IS A MATTER OF UTMOST REGRET./// IN THE FOLLOWING REPORT, "BRAHMIN" MEANS A HINDU SLAVE OF DYNASTY WHO IS BEHAVING IN THE BATTLEFIELD OF NATIONAL LIFE LIKE AN INTOXICATED ELEPHANT GONE BERSERK (mad), TRAMPLING OWN FORCES UNDER ITS FEET. /// THE ELEPHANT IS RIDDEN BY TWO TREACHEROUS MAHOUTS, SONIA AND ABDUL. BOTH ARE LAUGHING, SEEING THE BLEEDING MUTILATED BODIES OF HINDUS IN SOUTH KASHMIR AND THE SIKHS IN EAST PUNJAB AND DELHI. /// PLEASE READ ON:/// PERSECUTION OF NON-HINDU AND NON-BRAHMIN MINORITIES IN THE LARGEST DEMOCRACY, INDIA alias Brahmins autocracy or BRAHMINS ZAMHOORIAT/ZULAMHOORIAT /// SPEAKER: Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon /// Chairman: Dr Charles Graves /// Non Governmental Organization: Interfaith International /// The 57th Session, UN Sub-commission on the Human Rights, 17th July - 12th August, 2005 /// Date: 3rd August, 2005 /// The Brahmins and pro-Brahmins apartheid and barbaric acts are well family and described in the ancient history of pre- and post-Ashoka's period in South Asia. To continue the Brahminical acts, the Brahmins have been making extraordinary usage of pro-Brahmins since 15th August, 1947. The collaboration of pro-Brahmin group, with their Brahmin (elite caste and their casteism) masters, has resulted in the genocide of non-Hindu and non-Brahmin minorities like the Sikhs of Punjab (1.3 to 3.2 million; since Indian occupation), Muslims in general (more than 500,000 since 15th August, 1947), Christians (more than 300,000), Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir, Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir (more than 900,000 since 1988; under Indian occupation), hundreds of thousands of Dalits, Manipuris, Assamese, Tamils, Bihari, Bengali, Adivaasis (natives, first citizens or moolnivaasis), etc. The aim of the present presentation is to deal specifically with some examples of the barbaric acts carried out to exterminate the non-Hindus and non-Brahmins, since the British agent Lord Mountbatten handed over political power to the 'unelected' Hindu leadership, following the deliberated and intimidated partition of Punjab (see Viceroy Report No.8, CAB 127/11/XCA 04623 dated May 23, 1947), the Sikhs holy and historic homeland, the Sikh Raj of Monarch Ranjit Singh, 1799 to 14th March, 1849, on 15th August, 1947, despite the resistance and protest of the then Sikh leader, prior to the date of partition. It is noteworthy that the Sikhs' Struggle to Regain Their Lost Sovereignty, Independence and Political Power has been continuing, by peaceful means, since the day when the forces of the Sikh Raj surrendered their arms to the British Maj-Gen Gilbert and his forces on 14th March, 1849. /// Since 13th April, 1978, the Brahmin and pro-Brahmin forces have carried out the genocide of Sikhs in Punjab. Subsequently, on 4th June, 1984, the Brahmin and pro-Brahmin's New Delhi administration (NDA) killed more than 260,000 innocent Sikh infants, children, youth, male and female folks and elderly in an undeclared war against the Sikhs of Punjab, the Sikh Nation (under Indian occupation), in a brutal military "Operation Bluestar"? of June, 1984. This undeclared war followed the subsequent military, paramilitary and law-enforcing agencies' brutal operations, e. g., woodrose, Black Thunder I, II, and III, Clean, Research, Mund, man-made floods, Final Assault, etc. Since early 1980s, the Sikhs' holy and historical shrines, including the Darbar Sahib Complex (aka the Golden Temple Complex, including the Supreme Seat of Sikh Polity, the Akal Takht Sahib), Shiromani Gurdwara Prabhandhak Committee (SGPC), Akali Dal (all factions, the Badal, Talwandi, Mann or Amritsar), are under the "tight grip" of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW or the Third agency), police and intelligence agencies of the NDA and pro-NDA forces of Punjab state. /// Under the Brahmin and pro-Brahmins' ideology of the Hindu, Hindi, Hindustan and Hindutav (Brahmin and Hindu ideology), coupled with the “state-controlled and inspired" propaganda of the Hindu Mahasabha (the mother of all evils) and its offshoots like Rashtriya Swamsewak Sangh (RSS), Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, Hanuman Sena, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Congress (under the directions of Madan Mohan Malviya and Govalkar) and other pro-Brahmin parties, the VHP International secretary Praveen Togadia made his parties' remarks that the Sikhs are Hindus and their Holy Scripture, Guru Granth Sahib, will be installed in the Hindu temples." Togadia and his VHP's (International, General Secretary) policies are in the contradiction of his countries policy of the "Secularism" of India. Further, his statement within the premises of the Sikhs 'holiest shrine is the reflection and proof of meddling in the Sikhs' religious, political and cultural affairs. His statement is an ‘indicator' of the Brahmin and pro-Brahmins' policy of 'assimilation' of the Sikh faith into Hinduism and Brahminism (both are neither religions nor cultures, according to the principles of the Sikh faith and the verdict of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in 1980s). /// The 'state-sponsored' news media is engaged in a propaganda against the Sikhs worldwide that Terrorism again propping its head in Punjab [Khalistan], Asian Tribune on-line. The speaker wonders, based on the activities of Brahmin and pro-Brahmins in Punjab, whether the State-sponsored Terrorism again propping its head in Punjab against the Sikhs". In fact, the state-sponsored propaganda against the non-Hindu and non-Brahmin minorities is the modus operandi of the NDA run by the Brahmin and pro-Brahmins, since 15th August, 1947. /// Barbaric acts of Brahmins and pro-Brahmin run NDA: Bibi Manjit Kaur (1992), whose husband sought political asylum in the United States of America, after being tortured by the Indian armed personnel. Mrs Kaur, her father and her 6-mo-old daughter (Bhagel Kaur) were tortured mercilessly, given repeated death threats and her child, who was dipped in a syrup/sugar solution, was made to sit on a colony of ants by the Central Reserve Police Force. The daughter and father were made to beat each other with clubs. /// Bhai Gurdev Singh Debu (b 1961)- This Sikh youth and his parents were beaten mercilessly, his bones broken, thighs slashed and filled with red chllied, red hot iron rods pierced in his stomach, eyes gouged and his body was thrown in a deep pan full of boiling hot water until death on July 3, 1987. /// Bibi Amandeep Kaur: A newly married Sikh woman was tortured, mass-raped, humiliated and killed by police (1992). Her only crime was that she was the sister of a freedom fighter. /// Since 1998, Christian missionaries including one from Australia (Father Graham Stains), his 8- & 10-yr-old sons, and Roman Catholic nuns, have been killed, burnt alive or raped by the Hindu fundamentalists. The burning, destruction and demolishing of the Houses of God of the non-Hindu minorities, the Sikh Gurdwaras, Churches and Mosques, looting and desecrating of the holy and historical places of the non-Hindu minorities are the modus operandi of successive Indian administrations and state-sponsored hoodlums (Hon John T Doolittle, MC India Coalition Partner Threaten To Engulf Country In Violence, House of Representatives, July 27, 2000, The US Congress; Hon Edolphus Towns, MC July 27, 2000. Christian Persecution in India, House of Representatives, The US Congress). /// A train carrying Sikh pilgrims and the Sikh holy scriptures, Guru Granth Sahib, was attacked in June, 2001, by militant Hindu hoodlums in Uttarpara, West Bengal. The Hindu hoodlums stoned the Sikh pilgrims, burned the Holy Scriptures, and tried to set fire to the train (Press Release: Council of Khalistan. Train Attack Is Wake-Up Call for Sikh Nation, June 27, 2001 <>). /// Miss Manorama of Manipur was gang raped by the men of the Assam Rifles and was thrown out of the headquarters after mutilating her private parts in July, 2004. More recently (9th February, 2005), another 12-year-old girl has alleged she was raped by a constable of the force in central Assam’s Karbi Anglong district, triggering protests from women’s organizations /// In a blatant violation of human rights, the district police today tortured a Dalit youth to death after he refused to accept his involvement in a theft case (Jalandhar, February 6’ /// Sardar Surinder Singh Fauji (a retired army personnel), of Fatehabad, Tehsil: Khadur Sahib of Amritsar district of Punjab, has been physically, mentally and psychologically tortured by Punjab police since May 27, 1986. Valuable household articles stolen by the police personnel from his residence have not been returned. Despite his writing to the Prime Minister (PV Rao), Home Minister of India (SB Chawan), Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India, Chief Justice, Punjab and Haryana High court, and Senior Session Judge, Amritsar, there was no relief from the police excesses. /// Sardar Simranjit Singh Mann, a former member of parliament and the Deputy Inspector General of Police, resigned from his post in protest of the “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984, an undeclared war waged by the Indian administration against the Sikhs holy and historic homeland, and the Chief, Akali Dal (Amritsar), is being tortured and is in police custody since 6th June, 2005, for raising the slogan of ‘Khalistan Zindabad or Long Live Khalistan’ in a peaceful gathering of more than 30,000 Sikhs in the Darbar Sahib Complex. Along with Sardar Mann are more than 35 Sikh youth, including Kanwarpal Singh Bittu and Sarbjit Singh Ghuman of the Dal Khalsa, in police custody. Similarly, Jagtaar Singh Hawara, his wife and other family members are humiliated (by putting cigarettes and tobacco in his mouth), tortured and harassed by the Punjab and Delhi police ( <> , 17th July, 2005). /// Manmohan Singh, the present Chief, Council of Ministers, India, supposed to be an honest and clean person delivered his state address before the “World Conference on Human Rights Delegates in Vienna, Austria, on 24th June (14 to 25th June), 1993. He, then Finance Minister of the PV Rao administration, said that “ he being Sikh finds no abuses of Human Rights of Sikhs much less any minorities in India.” Another person. Shahabuddin, Manmohan Singh’s colleague of the Islamic faith, said the same of Muslims of India. Abuses of Human Rights in the Sikhs’ holy and historic Homeland, Punjab, Khalistan (under the Brahmins (elite) autocracy’s occupation, have been taking place, since 15th August, 1947). Manmohan Singh’s statement was ‘refuted’ in the strongest possible words by the human rights and peace loving citizens (delegates) of North America and elsewhere. /// Bibi Charanjit Kaur, presently seeking political asylum on humanitarian grounds in Canada, stated that her 75-year-old mother and her sister Ravinder Kaur were arrested and tortured, cousin Charan Singh, arrested, tortured and killed by Jammu police in 1998, cousin Manmohan Singh (Chairman, Dashmesh Youth Organization, Jammu and Kashmir) sent to jail on 9th November, 2000. According to the police report, her elder sister Manpreet Kaur (aka Manmeet Kaur), 45-yr-old, wife of Jagjit Singh was arrested on 24th August, 2000, by the Delhi police along with her 7- and 9-yr-old children. The police allegedly involved them in bomb blasts and explosions. Another relative of Bibi Charanjit Kaur, Lakhbir Singh, 47-yr-old was kept in police custody for 4.5 years and released for lack of proof of any allegations. Charanjit Kaur’s brother-in-law, the husband of her sister, Manpreet Kaur, and brother of her husband, Ravinder Singh was arrested on 8th February, 2002. Both were severely tortured before they were released for lack of proof of allegations. Her brother, Rajinder Singh, was arrested. “His only crime was to be my brother.” The arrests, torture and killing of Charanjit Kaur’s relatives points out that the Sikh women folks and relatives are harassed, tortured and killed, simply because they are Sikhs. /// The above are the only few cases of the India's policies against the Sikhs and these cases are just the “tip of an iceberg of Indian Terrorism" against non-Brahmin and non-Hindu minorities. In this "tip of the iceberg of Terrorism by the Brahmin, pro-Brahmins' administrations of the NDA”, the butcher police officers like KP Gill, SS Virk, JF Reibero and others have been used extensively." /// It is requested, Mr Chairman, the UN Commission, Sub-commission, Interfaith International, Amnesty International and Asia Watch like organizations should carry their own assessment, without and interference of the NDA, with regard to the human, religious, civil, political, educational, employment rights violations in Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir and other states like Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, etc.; the nations which have been struggling for their Sovereignty and Independence from the Brahmins and Hindus of the Brahminical state, India. India is 'Not' a single country, it is an 'artificial entity' and Self-Determination right serve the basis for the people to decide the future course of their destiny and the destiny of their future generations, like the people of the Province of Quebec in Canada and Puerto Rico. Thank you, Mr Chairman, Ladies and gentlemen. /// ............................000000000