Date: 8/9/2005


THE LATEST STAR TO BE GROOMED INTO A MORE FORMIDABLE WEAPON OF HINDU DEMORALISATION AND DESTRUCTION IS GETTING READY FOR THE WORLD OF GLAMOUR./// EVERY HINDU'S DAUGHTER AND WIFE IS NO PATCH OR MATCH TO SONIA'S DAUGHTER, A CATHOLIC BRAT OF GANDHI DYNASTY THAT HAS UNLIMITED TENURES OF OFFICE, RULING AND FOOLING THE CRUSHED HINDU NATION THAT WENT THROUGH THE HOLOCAUST OF PARTITION IN 1947. /// IT WAS SONIA WITHOUT A PARALLEL AMONG ALL THE HINDU FEMALES AND NOW IT IS HER DAUGHTER, THE SHINING STAR, OF WHOM THE FATHER, THE BOFORS CHOR, WOULD BE MIGHTY PROUD EVEN IN THE FIRES OF HELL. /// IN THAT "GOONDAH RAJ" OF CONGRESS, NEITHER THE HINDUS CAN SEE THEIR TEMPLE IN AYODHYA, OR DREAM OF RETURNING TO SRINAGAR NOR THE SIKHS WILL SEE MINISTER JAGDISH TYTLER STOOD BEFORE A FIRING SQUAD OR HANGED FROM THE TREE. /// THE SLAVERY OF HINDUS, THE WRETCHED SUBJECTS OF ABDUL KALAM, THE OBJECT OF SCORN AND DERISION IN UGANDA, FIJI AND EAST BENGAL, AND THE DYNASTY, IS PERMANENT. /// ....................================ /// Priyanka's world, now on glossAdd to Clippings /// IANS[ MONDAY, AUGUST 08, 2005 04:17:03 PM ] Surf 'N' Earn -Sign innow /// NEW DELHI: Congress president Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka may be fighting shy of active politics but her name has launched a magazine that calls itself a movement against communal forces. /// Welcome to "The World of Priyanka" - an intimate and candid look at the younger of the two Gandhi siblings. The Hindi magazine is devoted only to her life and times and calls her a symbol of secularism and communal peace. /// The little-known monthly, published by Abhilash Awasthi, who appears to be an unabashed fan, has already celebrated its first anniversary and plans to launch subscriptions soon. /// Editor Awasthi launched the magazine in Mumbai on the eve of Priyanka's birthday last year. /// "We needed a symbol of secularism to wage a fight against the forces of communalism," said Awasthi from Mumbai. "The production is a bit costly for us but we cannot put a price to our movement." /// At the same time, he insists that he is not a Congress member - only a concerned journalist. Produced by a slim staff of 16 with "bureaus" and stringers all over the country, the magazine is apparently sold in select stalls in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna and Gurgaon, for Rs 45 a piece. /// Candid shots of the brother-sister as babies, teenagers and young adults, many taken by their late father, prime minister Rajiv Gandhi (who was a photography enthusiast) also catch the eye as one riffles through reams of sycophantic prattle. /// "We collected photographs from sources all over the country," said Awasthi proudly. In one of the articles, Congress MP Rajiv Shukla reveals one of his first impressions of the teenaged Priyanka being very politically aware. /// Shukla says that in 1990 Rajiv Gandhi called him to ask whether Devi Lal had resigned as deputy prime minister, news that had not even got to journalists till then. When Shukla confirmed it and asked Rajiv Gandhi how he found out, the latter said Priyanka had learnt it from a friend. /// "I asked Rajiv whether Priyanka was interested in politics," Shukla remembers. "He told me 'Yes, Priyanka is very interested in politics'." Are those words prophetic? Priyanka has kept everyone guessing whether she will follow her brother into active politics, but those seeking clues, keep reading "The World of Priyanka". /// .........................000000000