Date: 8/4/2005


AN ANGEL CALLED ABDUL KALAM (will be President of iNDIA for ever). /// Yesterday when the King of Arabia, a fanatic Wahabi who sent millions of dollars to construct new mosques in Bharat was being buried in the sand of desert, I was thinking of the President of India called Abdul Kalam, who could not send a HINDU to represent his country at the ceremony. /// In fact Abdul Kalam has never cared to notice that his Bharat has never been able to send a Hindu to that country of Mohammed in the capacity of an ambassador, nor did he ever travel to South Kashmir to see the carnage and murder of innocent Hindus by the thousand, with his own eyes. /// As the SUPREME COMMANDER of India's armed forces, this man never made a punitive strike at the bases in POK (Paki Occupied Kashmir) to act as deterrent. He may also well have passed on all the atomic secrets to the so-called HOMELAND OF INDIAN MUSLIMS that was created in 1947 to give them the choice of going there or staying put here. /// It was amazing, therefore, that yesterday I also saw a posting by a Hindu on one of the Discussion Lists in which Abdul Kalam is shown as an angle of a boss. /// There was surely SARKARI ANGLE to the whole thing that I found detesting. The vast PROPAGANDA machine of Congress in captive Hindustan has already turned the notorious "BOFORS CHOR" (Son of a "WITCH") into "Mr Clean" and declared umpteen times, "INDIRA IS INDIA" so often that people believe it, and are fully committed to having the Dirty Dynasty (Sonia, Rahul and their DOG) on top of national politics. /// At the time of writing (August 4, 2005), a huge police operation is under way in London with massive presence of armed POLICE force to prevent any repeat of July 7. /// There is show of strength with 6000 officers out in streets of London. The aim is to reassure and deter. The Underground trains are back to normal after nearly a month with a minute's silence all over. We are told that there are 30% fewer passengers travelling at weekends, thanks to home grown Islam in the UK. /// Intelligence agencies are busy tryhing to locate the mastermind of that attack on London transport on July 7, 2005. /// Yet we never saw our Abdul Kalam "mobilised" seriously in the same way to tackle his own HOME GROUND Fifth Column. /// Where is his real loaylty then? Hindus do not ask such questions. Neither in the case of Abdul Kalam nor for Teresa from Albania. They declare to the whole world, "Look, among us, there is NONE like them!" Hindu WOMANHOOD is visibly degraded due to Sonia and Hindu MANHOOD is openly smashed due to Abdul Kalam on top. /// The Hindu mindset is conditioned to raise the profile of NON HINDUS in our midst. I saw that posting being printed, published and broadcast across the world in THIS realistic light. /// As this concocted story goes, One day Abdul Kalam saw one of his employees working so hard that he decided to go to his home himself and take his wife and children out for fun. /// I would have liked to read a few FACTS in that Posting before wishing to touch the feet of Abdul Kalam like the timid, gullible ENSLAVED and BRAINWASHED Hindu nation. /// For example, "Is it not UNDESIRABLE for a boss to take the family of an employee out for fun, seeing the head of that family working hard?" /// For example, "Was the employee Hindu or Muslim?" Surely Abdul Kalam's head would have been under guillotine had the family been MUSLIM." Would the mighty sarkari propaganda machine of Hindustan care to deny this? /// Who is stopping an average Hindu, except his own demolished psyche and his decompoising rotten timid LEADERS, in suspecting that a secret love affair was going on between Abdul Kalam and the employees' pretty Hindu WIFE? /// If Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam, could fancy his daughter-in-law, and even marry her later, what was stopping our Abdul Kalam in following in the footsteps of Mohammed by repeating the act of Prophet? /// For example, why has the story come to surfacae now? Is a second term of office being considered for him as the SUPREME COMMANDER and PRESIDNET of India? /// For example, why SCANDAL did not break out in the national press on a boss taking out his employee's wife and children out for fun, keeping the good employee "PINNED DOWN" at work bench or desk? /// For example why was this boss not so decent or honourable as to say to the employee, "GO HOME and take your family out, as you promised your WIFE?" /// Let us not forget that the boss was MUSLIM, who, SINCE PARTITION, ought to have been known as "Beiman, Shaitan, Haiwaan", instead of "Rashtrapati" of HINDUSTAN. /// Final question, "When will we hear of a good Hindu boss who took the family of his Muslim employee out for fun?" /// Such craving for one sided appeasement is typical of a smashed mind. And as the story illustrates once again and as the WHOLE WORLD HAS KNOWN all the time, that such love & adoration (even DEIFICATION) of NON Hindu is typical of defeated HINDUS living happily in PARTITIONED India. /// It is amazing that Abdul Kalam never committed himself to recovering North Kashmir nor commending the Secularism of West Bengal to EAST BENGAL, now Bogusdesh, and nor even approved of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya that has lain demolished for five hundred years. /// .....................================== /// /// ---------------------------- /// To accept Separatist Mohammed's provocative FLAG over LAHORE today is to accept the same OBSCENITY over Delhi tomorrow. /// THE FIRST PRIME MINISTER OF INDEPENDENT "INDIA", BANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, THE SON OF A "BITCH", SENT A TELEGRAM OF CONGRATULATIONS TO MOHAMMED ALI JINNAH, HIS ERSTWHILE BOSOM FRIEND, ON BECOMEING THE FIRST GOVERNOR GENERAL OF PAKISTAN ON AUGUST 14, 1947. /// ..........................000000000