Date: 7/14/2005


SALUTE BRITAIN, SHINING IN ADVERSITY//// What a brilliant tribute where it rightly deserves. Writer of the above compliment has caught the mood well, but is the picture of what is happening in England now, going to the masses in our partitioned India, too? That is the big question. //// Here is another view by a patriot, posted on a List: //// July 7 told us why Britain — a depleted economy and a lost empire notwithstanding — still has the collective memory of a great power. July 5 told us why India — a growing economy and a global ambition notwithstanding — still doesn’t fit the cloak of a great power. Bulldog Breed versus Cackling Crows? Choose your leaders. //// But the story of England's response has not come to an end yet. Details are unfolding by the hour. It is most exciting to be alive and living in England at this time of national tragedy. Some of us escaped even worse tragedies in India, in Kashmir, Punjab and East Bengal, and are seeing with amazement a new kind of nation's spirited and united RESPONSE. //// The two minute silence for the 50 dead. See the Queen, see the Mayor of London, see the driver of that Bus No. 30 on national and world television, see the whole streets evacuated for investigation, see the work of police and detectives going on silently, see all the ministers invisible and silent, none shouting in hysteria, "Sikhs killed Indira Gandhi" within minutes of her assassination, see President Jacques Chirac of France interrupting the Bastille Day celebrations to stand silent for two minutes, see the whole of Europe oberserving silence for the victims of London, see the united action by European Union headquarters in Brussels. //// See the office workers come out of offices to stand still at 12 noon today, like the Queen, the Prime Minister and all his cabinet ministers for two minute SILENCE, standing in the open. //// See the schools and colleges involved. See the Muslim leaders individuals and communities sought out and interviewed, see pages after pages of newspapers with large photographs of criminals and victims, page after page, listen to radio over 24 hours and watch the TV stations round the clock to notice the amount of coverage on the Muslim attack in London, see each and every Muslim seen on media professing good behaviour and loyalty to Crown and country and repeating the line, "Islam is a religion of peace." //// See the Muslims condemning their fellow Muslims, see them standing silent in shame beside the others, and see them vocal and articular, proclaiming their innocence and ignorance of the criminals. See the silence impeccably observed at tube and railway stations and see how details of police discoveries being given out on media, see the talk of a Memorial to the dead, see the CCTV pictures of terrorists captured on tv camera at railway station, see the police appeals for more information from the public, see the controlled explosions on the van at Luton station and the cars taken away to police premises and see the huge gatherings at Trafalgar Square with banners "LONDON UNITED", and also similar scenes in Leeds in North England. //// See the whole nation galvanised within hours. Within hours this small country, the size of Gujarat State, became a closed fist of iron, to smash the jaws of any enemy. Now compare our India with 29 states and recall how quickly it crumbled before Islam and ceded one third of territory and forgot it in one second. //// There is NO memorial yet to the two million slaughtered then. There is also no outcry at such a FAILURE by the Hindu nation. //// The NRI's who live in the UK and are part of this heroic scene, ought to WRITE about their impressions of a truly GREAT country and post the same on this List so that the semi dead nation under Rashtramata SONIA KHAN and Rashtrapati ABDUL KALAM can open their eyes and ears. //// At the time of writing, a great VIGIL is being held at Trafalgar Square in London (7 p.m., Jul 14, 2005). What vigil was held at New Delhi when Parliament was attacked, when Ayodhya Temple site was attacked, when a hundred pilgrims on way to Amarnath Yatra were slaughtered in one night? Where was the President, the Supreme Commander, the Home Minister? Where were Laloo Prashad, Jagdish Tytler, Sonia Gandhi and Abdul Kalamm or their predecessorsm in high chairs? //// Our captive Hindu nation under Khans and Kalams and under the spell of Khan loafers & rascals of Bollywood, must first lliberate itself of the foreign yoke and then look around at the others. //// .........................000000000