Date: 7/7/2005


When something goes terribly wrong on the ship, everyone asks, "Who is the Captain?"/// In the case of Ship SS BRITIAN, the captain is the Prime Minister. /// ..............==========================/// In Britain, British National Party (BNP) has shown the courage and patriotism to put aside Goat's "political correctness", and IDENTIFY the violent separatist element in the population that is growing all the time./// The President of BNP is about to be tried by a British court and we hope the court will see far ahead and drop the case./// Any Court, judge or magistrate in UK, trying a BNP member for so-called "racial incitement" (that means "anti Muslim incitement"), ought to be told to recall the complete PARALYSIS of City of London today, with further advice,/// "This is what we have been warning the nation about. (Bombs exploding in London, July 7, 2005.)/// "Thank your stars that YOUR LORDSHIP was not riding one of those tubes and buses."/// To a Hindu refugee who arrived in the UNITED Kingdom from bleeding PARTITIONED India via DELHI, "Mr. Tony Blair has got his FACE splattered in black ISLAMIC paint, and was made to sit on a donkey with face turned backwards by his own "loyal" Muslim constituents." /// The Hindu from Srinagar will be compelled to compare Tony Blair with his own Mahatma Gandhi who rode the donkey, sitting backwards, face blackened, in the same way when ISLAM struck Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka and conquered it all. /// The timing of Al Qaida attack on London was unique. It was to HURT Mr. Blair the most and INSULT this country with the word "GREAT" in its title. /// Mr. Blair was riding the spectacular surf of triumph of hosting the G8 summit with world leaders, after winning the 2012 Olympics for LONDON a day before. /// Despite protests by other parties, and warnings by BNP, Mr. Blair had been letting in ILLEGAL immigrants, mostly MUSLIM, SINGLE AND ILLITERATE, to make his Muslim "vote bank" stronger, as many thought. This is what the Indian parliamentarians, too, do. They had their own Muslims say, "Thank you," to them with the violent attack on Ayodhya Temple site on 5th inst. /// Tony Blair reminds us of senile and confused Mahatma Gandhi in 1945 when he was pleading with his own Hindu followers with a trembling heart, "Don't annoy, tease or provoke the Muslims. If they are unhappy, they will demand Pakistan and slaughter one million of you!" In the event they did just that, even worse. They slaughtered TWO million. /// Britain is a small country now and ought to have been strict and very SELECTIVE in letting them all in. Most of them were never under British rule or in British Commonwealth, have NO idea of secularism and democracy and NO respect for Crown, but know only one thing: To quote Geneva Convention and the British Legal Code if caught and arrested by the police and interviewed by the media. /// The chief of metropolitan police ought to resign for FAILING in his Intelligence. It's no use waking up AFTER the attack. /// The Home Secretary ought to resign for FAILING the people of Britain and for FAILING to ensure their safety while they were going about their normal lives./// The Prime Minister ought to resign for BETRAYING BRITAIN when he was in the highest executive post of Prime Minister. Did the nation elect him for THIS carnage?/// The media ought to wake up. They have been too pro Islamic of late. They have "softened up" public opinion about a very hard core, motivated and brainwashed enemy whose "Holy" Book instigates the "believers and followers" to KILL THE INNOCENT for their POLITICAL aims. /// ..........................000000000