Date: 7/6/2005


"HUM SAB EK HAIN!"/// (“WE ARE ALL ONE FAMILY!” OR “HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI!”) /// The audatious Muslim terrorists who attacked the Hindus’ holiest shrine in Ayodhya had the same hatred for the temples and venom for the worshippers as the cruel invader BABUR from a small country (the size of Karnataka) to the North West of India called Afghanistan, in 1526 AD. /// The terrorists chose the target to HURT the Hindus’ feelings to the maximum. They acted like Indira Gandhi who chose Sri Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar in June 1984 to HURT the Sikh feelings to the utmost and to cause maximum loss of life among the worshippers who had gathered to commemorate the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Dev ji four centuries ago. /// Our ENEMIES are the enemies of secularism and democracy. They plan their savage attacks with the thought of doing maximum damage to our feelings, and to cause maximum loss of HINDU life and property. Another example of their indiscriminate onslaught is of the ATTACK on World Trade Centre (WTC) Towers in New York on September 11, 2001. /// Did I say “ENEMIES”? Thereby I committed a heinous crime against the Constitution (Vidhan) of Partitioned India that contains the vital (crippling) line ” HUM SAB EK HAIN.” /// That line was uttered by our top leaders, including the Apostle of Peace, Guru Nanak Dev, in the XV Century AD and because of that, his followers remained UNPREPARED for what was about to hit them hard. His own Janmasthan is under the Flag of Arabia today. /// That line was repeated a thousand times by another man who was not only the Apostle of Peace but also the Father of Nation, "Bapu" MK Gandhi, and as a result of that conditioning and brainwashing, his following remained unprepared for what was about to come. Today ONE THIRD OF INDIA is under the flag of Mohammed and our "Holy Father", Bapu Gandhi, can be called the "Father of Pakistan". /// We were all (Hindus and Sikhs) brought up on this line (lore) BEFORE Partition that was equivalent to the strike on India by a hundred devastating nuclear bombs and forced us to surrender unconditionally vast territories to the ENEMY overnight. Our top leaders, with our destiny in their hands, were so ready and keen to surrender that the enemy did not have to fire even a pistol to capture Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka. When did ANY OTHER country surrender so much territory unconditionally to its enemy? /// Though the attack on Sri Raam (“make shift” ad hoc) Temple is the most serious provocation by the ENEMY, does anyone think that from today our SWAMIS, PANDITS, SANTS, SADHUS and GURUS, even our revered SAI BABA, will revise their teachings and commend the Message of Gita or quote the victory over Sri Lanka by Sri Rama in order to INSPIRE their following? /// Not only will the HINDUS stick to this “Hum sab Ek Hain” line, overlooking the foreign PROVOCATIVE flag over West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal but also the SIKHS, our so-called “militarised Hindus”, are powerless to delete the hymn “Qudrat de sab bandeh” from Sri Guru Granth Sahib. /// In order to follow it to the letter they have “dumped” the whole life time struggles and battles of the Tenth Divine Guru just as the Hindus do not find any mention of Battles of Kurukshetra and Sri Lanka in any religious ceremony in their temples. /// I remember that when we were attacked in 1947 millions of us fled helter skelter in all directions, like dry leaves in a storm, with Pandit Nehru, the captain of our ship, enjoying his romance with the wife of Viceroy. /// I remember that when our 100 (yes, one hundred) pilgrims were massacred one night in Jammu the nation did not feel the shock or pain. There was no retaliation whatsoever by our Supreme Commander. /// I remember that when Parliament in New Delhi was attacked our nation was stung for a few days only and then life reverted back to “as usual”. The great unsurpassed Khans of Bollywood continued to entertain us with song and dance. The attackers’ identity, supporters, backers and financiers have remained unknown. While the “Sarkar” is part of the problem, the “JANATA” is lulled back to sleep with the chants of “Hum Sab Ek Hain.” /// Yesterday’s daring attack on the “make shift ad hoc” Temple in Ayodhya is now “history” just as PARTITION was, ONE SECOND after the midnight of 14/15 August 1947. Our top man, known as the greatest freedom fighter and patriot, Pandit Nehru, saw the “glow of his freedom” at the same very moment! The nation that “lumped” his HIGH TREASON so readily then got his DYNASTY thrust upon it till eternity. /// Now I have just come out of a big mansion. Inside this grand building, the TOP HINDU LEADERS have gathered to deliberate over the latest attack on the Heart of Hindustan, the Sri Ram Temple in AYODHYA. /// They have authorised me to issue a statement to the nation. It is very brief and merely says, “The attack of yesterday on Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya is now “history”. Please carry on with your lives as usual. If any action is to be taken, it will be for our Supreme Commander ABDUL KALAM JI. And if he needs any counsel, he will consult our Rashtramata Sonia ji.” /// Our top leaders will all have sound sleep tonight. What HURT us most in our lives is the phrase, “history now". Let us look to the FUTURE. Can't we guess what our FUTURE will be? Yesterday's ATTACK on Hindu Pride and Identity in Ayodhya was our unimagineable "FUTURE" in 1947. /// I concluded my brief statement to the nation with the greeting, “JAI SHREE RAAM”. /// And lo and behold! All my “parrots” repeated “JAI SHREE RAAM” and went away to sit at the feet of sadhus, swamis, sants and mahatmas and started chanting “Hum Sab Ek Hain!” /// As for me, a humble Ram Bhakta, a proud Hindu but a mere “speck of dirt” as per BUDDHIST Ambedkar’s and “BANDIT” Nehru’s Vidhan, I sank into thinking about our Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam and Rashtramata Sonia Khan who would NOT say “Jai Shree Raam” even under pain of death. /// /// ----------------------------/// To accept Separatist Mohammed's provocative FLAG over LAHORE today is to accept the same OBSCENITY over Delhi tomorrow. JAI SHREE RAAM/// ==========================/// ..........................000000000