Date: 7/5/2005


The other day I had a wise guest come to see me./// Describing the ascendancy of Christ and Mohammed over native Avataras, "Messengers", "Saviours", Mahatmas and Gurus in Bharat (he was referring to Catholic Sonia and Muslim Abdul Kalam overseeing the vast passive lame inert HINDU world down below, he remarked, /// "In our Bharatvarsha, the land of ancient civilisation and great culture, foreign mud is still VASTLY SUPERIOR to our native gold." /// While I remained stunned by this profound sentence, he went on to explain the implications of our voluntary SLAVERY afflicted upon ourselves under Secular Vidhan and Inferiority Complex. /// We remained engaged in discussion over PARTITIONED India that has elected rulers who have NO time to take on board the absolutely vital and fundamental issue of survival of the HIndus in Hindustan. /// That night I had a dream: There were two scales of a balance. On one was dull MUD and on the other was shining GOLD. /// A renowned top Hindu LEADER appeared from behind the bushes. He looked at the scales and went straight for the one carrying MUD and put his mouth to it and started sucking. /// He had no dearth of loyal following who quickly QUEUED UP behind in their millions. /// With a shudder I woke up. It was a nightmare based on my thoughts about the betrayal of MULTAN, the city of Bhagat Prahlad, in 1947. /// That city is under ISLAMIC flag that is VISIBLE, while Delhi is again under ISLAM that is invisible. /// SELF DELUSION is the key to death of a people, a nation, even a religion in Delhi that could not survive in MULTAN, LAHORE and SYLHET. /// We can all recall a legendary hero KUMBH KARAN. He kept on sleeping and our top Hindu LEADERS of today. Minus all INITIATIVE, GUTS, VIGOUR and VISION, they are dull like mud. /// ---------------------------- /// To accept Separatist Mohammed's provocative FLAG over LAHORE today is to accept the same OBSCENITY over Delhi tomorrow. VANDE BHARAT MATARAM. /// ......................000000000