Date: 6/23/2005


> "If Pakistan Murdabad, why not Khalistan Zindabad?", WRTTES A SIKH./// With reference to the above line, please note that at that time of 1947 there was no demand for Khalistan. /// The demand for dividing the country to create Pakistan was from Muslim League followed by riots and direct action in Noakhali (1946), killing the Hindus and non-Muslims was by the Muslim League./// The Sikhs were promised a Glow of freedom by the Congress, and Mahatma Gandhi had declared that India would be divided over his dead body and made a call for Akhand Bharat. /// This is where the Sikhs under the leadership of Master Tara Singh ji filled the 'Pran Paters' Pledges signed by their blood to uphold the concept of Akhand Bharat and therefore the slogan were Pakistan Murdabad,Akhand Bharat Zindabad. /// The demand for Khalistan (a separate Sikh Homeland came) when the Sikhs realised that they had been cheated by the Congress and Nehru who declared that the Sikhs are criminal class (or to that effect) and should be taught a lesson. /// The Khalistan demand has come now because there is Pakistan, Bangladesh and North Kashmir, based on the 51% majority of certain religion./// India was partitioned as Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. The equation is not balanced yet. /// IN 1947 THE SIKIHS SIGNED PLEDGES TO UPHOLD UNITY OF IINDIA AT ALL COSTS. MANY SIGNED THESE PLEDGES (PRANN PATTARS) IN THEIR BLOOD. /// IT WAS UNKNOWN TO THESE BRAVE PATRIOTIC SIKHS THAT HINDU INDIA WAS A FLOCK OF SHEEP AND HAD NO CONVICTTION IN UNITY OF INDIA NOR ANY GUTS TO DEFEND SECULARISM IN LAHORE./// TODAY THAT FLOCK OF SHEEP HAS TWO NEW SHEPHERDS, THE SHEPHERDESS IS SONIA FROM ITALY AND THE SHEPHERD IS A MAN FROM PAKISTAN, ABDUL KALAM. THE HINDU COMMUNITY REGARD THIS DISGRACCE AND DEGRADATION AS THEIR "HONOUR". HENCE NOW THE DEMAND FOR KHALISTAN IS GAINING MOMEMTUM. /// DARK HOUR OF HINDUSTAN, PARTITIONED INDIA, OR BROKEN BHARAT IS APPRAOCHING FAST. THE HINDU COWARDS IS STRETCHED ACROSS THE TABLE, TIED UP, HANDS BOUND, READY TO GET BUTCHERED.//. HINDUS' CRIME? APPEASING ISLAM AND PERSECUTING THE SIKHS OVER THE QUESTION OF FREEDOM. ...........................000000000