Date: 6/22/2005


HINDUS OF USA ARE MORE HINDUS THAN HINDUS OF INDIA I do not have to justify the title of this article, as it is very obvious. The Hindus who do not go to Temple in India, once they come to America now Support the Temple, go to the Temple and bring their children to the Hindu Bal Vihar to give them Hindu Sanskar. I feel that these Secular and Anti-Hindu-National (BJP, VHP, and RSS) newspapers should be careful because those Secular Hindus in India are changing their tune when they come to America. The Hindu kids brought up in missionary schools feel like English Men in India, and behave like that, but when they come to the USA and the UK they realize that they are not accepted as English Men and they become more Hindu than the Hindus in India. I’d like to tell you something I heard from a priest (Father) of a Christian School in India, “that we may not be able to convert your Hindu kids into Christianity but once we are through with them they will not be Hindu anymore.” The English media of India, which is run by these Hindu people are, I feel, very secular and sometimes Anti-Hindu-Nationalist. In America, every Sunday, the white people go to white churches, African Americans go to African American Churches and Indian Christians are going to the Indian Christian Churches. Is this the American Caste System? What I hear is that Indian Christians are more Indian in America than the Indian Christians in India. I wonder why? My article “USA Needs A True Hindu Newspaper,” has ruffled some feathers. I am sorry that I have to tell the truth but I’m making you aware that a paradigm shift is occurring now in the USA. As most Indian Newspapers in the USA are not giving Hindu’s a true voice in the media, all kinds of Hindu websites are popping up which are willing to tell the truth. Professor Bharat J. Gajjar .........................000000000